Gourmia GCM6000 Review – Why it’s features considerable

Gourmia GCM6000 6 In 1 review

Drinking coffee is one of human’s prominent habits. We always want to have a sip of the savory taste of coffee every morning or during late hours of work. However, there are times that we tend to miss those coffee hours because we get busy sometimes either at work or school. That is why a lot of people visit coffee shops or buy their own coffee makers to ease things out.

But nonetheless, among hundreds of coffee machines, choosing the right one could be difficult. Presenting to you, Gourmia GCM6000 6 In 1 Single Serve One Touch Coffee Bar. This coffee machine will serve your coffee only within seconds! Getting interested? Check out this review below and learn how to make coffee from the finest.

It is normal that your coffee machine will produce a noise but not really very loud. Please check your machine if there are small objects that are clogged on. If nonetheless, there’s none, then call the customer service. It could be a defect or anything.

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  • Offers Coffee Variety
  • Simple Cleaning
  • Automated Milk Frother
  • Easy Operation
  • Sleek Design
  • Unnecessary Noises

What users saying about DeLonghi Gourmia GCM6000

If you love to experiment and make different coffee types, then this machine is a definite choice. A lot of its users love the variety of this best espresso machine. The operation is very easy, manageable, and intuitive to any user even to beginners. Also, users are excited to how it goes with K-Cups for which some coffee machines does not cater on. The design and built is quite compact and sleek for which is perfect even into small rooms.

Gourmia GCM6000 6 In 1 Single Serve - One Touch...
219 Reviews
Gourmia GCM6000 6 In 1 Single Serve - One Touch...
  • 6 IN 1: Whip up a steaming mug of ground/ coffee, chai, latte, cappuccino, loose leaf tea, or milk...
  • ONE TOUCH: Brewing all your favorite drinks just got ridiculously easy. Just insert your cup, ground...
  • AUTO FROTHER: Automatic integrated milk frother will steam the exact amount of foamy milk required...

Aside from that, most users are amazed by how everything comes into a single coffee machine. From coffee, milk, or tea, either hot or cold, the way you wanted! This machine definitely caters. Some even branded this coffee machine the best of its own kind.

However, there are still some few bad reviews coming from its users. Most of its feedback is concerning about leakages with water on the tank. Nonetheless, the leaks could be caused by shipment or the product is a defect. Better call the customer service to assist you regarding the problem.

Also, some users have observed some noises when it starts to operate. This is normal though. But if it goes really loud, then that’s another thing. Look for some particles that could have clogged on the gears and parts of the machine. Nonetheless, the coffee machine is a defect. Contact the customer service as needed.

Compare Gourmia GCM6000 vs. Gourmia GCM6500

Basically, both products are amazing. They both come from the same manufacturer, thus, you’ll expect similarities between the two products. They both produce coffee with variety. Though, Gourmia GCM6000 6 In-1 has an edge because it extends its utilization to teas and milk as we sometimes crave on.

Gourmia GCM6500 1 Touch Automatic Espresso...
123 Reviews
Gourmia GCM6500 1 Touch Automatic Espresso...
  • ONE TOUCH: Ridiculously simple controls feature 3 one touch icon buttons, pre-programmed with...
  • ITALIAN DESIGN: Quality, high end design is every bit as impressive as its authentically brewed...
  • AUTO FROTHER: Automatic integrated milk frother will steam the exact amount of foamy milk required...

With regards to design, let’s give this a point to Gourmia GCM6500. A premium Italian structure and design that you’ll definitely feel the coffee-vibe. However, for sure, with a more sophisticated design, the operation will be quite complicated as what everyone doesn’t want.

If you consider its operation, then both have been doing great. Though both still have negative comments, Gourmia GCM6500 has more of it. Most complaints are about its performance, water temperature, and even missing parts.

Concerning its price, then both products are within the same range. Nonetheless, there’s no point in debating for that part. The difference between both machines is only a dollar or two.

Overall, if you just look at its advertisement, you’ll definitely buy Gourmia GCM6500. But according to a user, this product is “overrated”. Good design, amazing technology, but still there are a few who weren’t satisfied.

If you look on each of the product’s customer’s rating on Amazon, both definitely have 4+ ratings. However, Gourmia GCM6000 6 In-1 has an edge with few points. Likewise, still, both products have been doing great in numbers. They have been satisfying a lot of customers and that truly matters the most.

Key Features of the Gourmia GCM6000 6 In-1 Single Serve Coffee Bar

Effortless Utilization

With multiple clicks and simple selections to different buttons in the interface of the coffee machine, you could easily get the drink that you want in a maximum of 5 minutes. Just read the instruction manual to follow through everything.

Easy to Clean

If you’re worried about cleaning or getting dirty, then it’s a guarantee that you’ll never sweat out too hard when cleaning this machine. All its parts are could easily disintegrate as needed during dishwashing periods!

Multiple Modes and Settings

This machine is well-programmed for your utmost convenience. It consists of 6 different settings as arranged correspondingly to the type of coffee this machine offers. Plus, it consists of some inserts to make sure you get the best flavor!

Diversity of Drinks

Anything you want, just name it. Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Ice tea, Hot Coffee, or even Milk tea! This coffee machine will give it to you. Just drop in some granules or tea leaves and this coffee machine will give it to you, a coffee that is well served.

Supports the Use of K-Cups

Collect down K-Cups from different companies that you know and insert it down into this machine. This coffee machine allows K-Cups with volume up to 12 oz.

Produces Natural Milk Frothers

Play along with this machine because it generates a froth, creating a foamy top and delightful appearance that you’ll really love. Bon Appetit mon ami!

Durable and Sophisticated Design

Measuring about 10” x 12” x 8”, the machine is quite slim made from robust and durable materials. It is coated with black to add the coffee-like experience. Indeed, a typical coffee machine design made with class and quality.

Truly how durable the GCM6000 6 In-1 is?

If you have not gotten a defective product, then definitely GCM6000 6 In-1 is durable. Though it has a conventional coffee maker design, then wait till you look and take a hold of the machine. This product is intricately design and made from premium materials to satisfy your likes.

Aside from that, the product has a lot of features and enjoys a beverage variety that anyone would want to have. This is a perfect product not just for adults but to everyone in the family who loves milk, tea and coffee. With this machine, you’ll have multiple of options.

The price itself is definitely just right for all its features. A 6 in 1 coffee serving is no easy deal for a coffee making machine. You’ll obviously pay on, but you’ll never regret, considering its features.

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There is no perfect coffee machine. In fact, an ideal coffee machine is non-existing. However, with this product, we will assure you are getting a product that is close to perfection. It’s one of the best products that you’ll see in the market. Purchase this coffee machine and enjoy its quality, versatility, and sweet taste!

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