Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine Review – How it’s worthy

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine Review

If words could describe the Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine, elegance, perfection and style would be just a few. The first thing you will not help but notice about this espresso machine is its finely-polished exterior design. Made in Italy by a famous brand, Gaggia, you wouldn’t expect anything less in regards to performance and quality.

It is now the right time to treat your family with a seductive, aromatic espresso each time they are off from bed with the Gaggia 14101. Being a mid-level, mid-priced machine, you will not have any excuse for not having this trendy unit among coffee lovers.

This baby is one of the best Gaggia’s selling models. It comes with classic features that are professionally integrated and built with quality. The machine is of industrial-grade quality and has a rugged design comprising of heavy-duty materials for increased durability. When it comes to performance, no other machine in its class can beat it out. It includes parts that are made of heavy-duty chrome-plated marine brass for increased heat retention.

Featuring a 3-way solenoid valve, this unit lets you create a virtually dry puck that is easy to remove from the portafilter. All these features together with a commercial-style portafilter and brew group make the cleaning process simple and mess-free when compared to other espresso machines with pressurized style portafilter.

Waiting to get your favorite cup of coffee with the Gaggia 14101 is not an option. Within a couple of minutes, you will be enjoying your steaming hot drink thanks to the integrated boiler that comes embedded with 2 external heating elements to ensure optimal brewing temperature. And if you prefer milk based drinks, with the Turbo Frother attachment, brewing lattes and cappuccinos is a breeze.


  • The included instructional video is clear and straightforward
  • Large water tank
  • Easy to use controls
  • Easy to clean


  • The boiler is susceptible to corrosion from hard water since it is aluminum coated.
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Comparison between the Gaggia 14101 and the DeLonghi EC860 Espresso Maker

You are certainly going to be in a dilemma when making a decision if to buy the Gaggia 14101 or the DeLonghi EC860 espresso machines. This is because they both fall in the same price range and will let you make your favorite milk-based drinks anytime you are in the mood. You will also find the cup warming tray in both of these machines to warm your cup at all times thus making it possible for you to make hot drinks e.g. tea and chocolate.

Comparison between the Gaggia 14101 and the DeLonghi EC860 Espresso Maker
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Another common feature in both is the milk frother that ensures optimal pressure for steaming milk. To sum it up, both of these machines are of excellent performance and will be the best additions in your kitchen. Therefore, whether you opt for either the Gaggia 14101 or the DeLonghi EC860, you will still enjoy drinking the same quality espresso. You may also find the latest Delonghi espresso machine reviews.

Key Features and Benefits of the Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine

  • Comes with a stainless steel body design that allows it control temperature efficiently. Besides it makes this machine portable and compact thus you can store it in a small kitchen with ease.
  • It has a chromed plated brass body which helps in controlling the temperature in an efficient manner during the brewing process.
  • A powerful 17.5 bar pressure pump is integrated to provide optimal pressure for the extraction process
  • Included in the machine are 3 baskets to filter, making it easier to switch between espresso pods or single and double shots.
  • There is a rotating milk frother which offers an excellent steam pressure for steaming milk to produce a creamy microfoam for making lattes and cappuccinos.
  • It has large water storage with a capacity of 72 ounces of water that ensures you go a long way of brewing before it refills it.
  • It comes with a tray that holds the cups ensuring that they don’t lose their heat at any time, giving it an original and appealing taste.
  • It is comes packed with a high-voltage boiler which that ensures a quick heat up time and in turn making the brewing process quick
  • A semi-decent tamper is provided and for a plus, a measuring loop.
  • The removable drip tray collects spillages and liquids thus keeping your countertop mess free. It also makes the cleaning process easy
  • An easy to use control button with 3 simple buttons for quick operation

User’s Opinion about the Gaggia 14101 Espresso Maker

Until Today 14101 Gaggia rated 4 stars out of 5 by its users, this machine is nothing close to disappointment. To start with, its price is one aspect that is on most user’s comments. They like the price tagged on it and they feel like the Gaggia 14101 is a fantastic treat for any family.

It is a great addition for anyone who lacks patience in getting things done. It works well with pods and designed to make 2 shots of espresso at a go. Users also liked its hot water dispenser that lets you make tea, cocoa, and any other drinks any time you like.

My experience with the Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso

My experience with the Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso

The Gaggia 14101 in recent years has become my best friend when it comes to making some of the best espressos. In fact, it has made me a barista right at the comfort of my home, how amazing! I like it for the simple fact that it offers me professional-quality coffee same as the one I would get at my local cafe or high–end restaurants in a matter of a few minutes.

Everyone in my family is a coffee avid, and one thing we appreciate about this machine is its 72-ounce water tank. Meaning that I don’t have to keep refilling water to brew a cup of coffee every time. Better yet, it is removable thus making it easy to clean besides refilling.

How affordable is the Gaggia 14101 Machine

For just a couple of 100 dollars and you have this beautiful baby in your kitchen. You will rarely find a machine in this price range that comes packed with an amazing pack of features as the Gaggia 14101. Built with high-quality materials, you will find the value for every coin you invest in this machine. Espresso in your home will not be by name, but it will be defined by quality and aroma, thanks to the Gaggia 14101. If you have been out of the loop lately with what has been happening in the coffee world, getting this unit is a great start.

Why the Gaggia 14101 Classic might be the best choice for your home

A machine with a super-conductive aluminum boiler, doesn’t that sound amazing to you? This high-voltage boiler comes in handy for maximizing heat distribution and using the excess heat to preheat the cups on the drip tray to prevent heat loss from your espresso. This feature is one of the best when it comes to offering you shots with authentic taste with no effort involved.

Why the Gaggia 14101 Classic might be the Best choice for your home

Ease of use is one major factor users look for when buying a coffee machine. The Gaggia 14101 comes with an intuitive, user-friendly interface with 3 buttons to help you start the brewing process and control steam and power. The knob on the side enables you to turn on the frothing wand that then ejects steam on hot water to produce milk-based drinks. You will also find the light indicators very useful for updating you on the process being undertaken by the machine at that particular moment.

Unlike some espresso machines that take long to warm up, the Gaggia 14101 has a quick warm up time. Thus, whether you are in a hurry or just need a shot, you can brew 2 single shots at a go in a few minutes.

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Final Verdicts

Let no one tell you that the best coffee can only be bought at a cafe. Well, the Gaggia 14101 has changed this perception and in fact, it lets you make the most delicious at the comfort of your home. You won’t have to stretch much to have this great unit in your kitchen, and even better, it is compact thus you will not have to worry about sacrificing your kitchen space to make professional quality espresso. Give it a shot today and share happy moments with your friends and family.

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