Delonghi La Specialista vs Breville Barista Express – Why Barista Is Better?

Delonghi La Specialista vs Breville Barista Express - Why Barista Is Better?

Delonghi La Specialista vs Breville Barista Express: It has been a long time since Breville Barista Express is known as the best semi-automatic espresso machine. And, there are also countless recommendations for this machine.

So, it’s almost unraveled in its category. Still, there is an espresso machine which can put a great competition with it. So, in this review, we’ll see a detailed view of Delonghi La Specialista vs Breville Barista Express.

Delonghi La Specialista is an excellent espresso machine with higher versatility and advanced features. Its automated grinder is genuinely praiseworthy.

The automation of this machine makes it user-friendly, and the taste of espresso is also great. But, the truth is, Breville Barista Express is on another level.

I have been using it for quite a long time, so I prefer it over the others. And many people also share the same opinion. However, the perfect one may vary for you as the Delonghi La specialista has some attractive, unique features. So, let’s find the answer along the way.

Delonghi La Specialista vs Breville Barista Express – Why Barista Is Better?

Breville Barista Express is manufactured with an integrated precision conical burr grinder that assists in grinding and deliver the right amount of freshly ground coffee within a short duration.

This grinder is one of the highest quality grinders. Although Delonghi La Specialista also has one, it is not near the quality of Breville Barista express.

The grinder has 18 settings, which means you can do many things with the grinder. On the other hand, Delonghi La Specialista comes with only five different settings by limiting your grinding options.

Breville Express comes with four filters – two doubles and two singles, one set of them are dual walled. Whereas, Specialista has only two filters – one single and one double.

Barista Express comes with PID (digital temperature control) to deliver water at the right temperature for optimal espresso extraction.

Breville Barista Express also included a handful of convenient features and functionalities that make this espresso machine unparalleled amongst semi-automatic espressos. Afterward, you will become acquainted with this espresso machine elaborately through our review. So, to apprehend the difference, we have made a chart of specifications between these two espresso machines.

What are the Differences between Delonghi La Specialista vs Breville Barista Express?

What Are Differences And Similarities of Delonghi La Specialista vs Breville Barista Express?

There are both some differences and similarities between Delonghi La Specialist and Breville Barista Express. The main diversion is seen in the grinder. La Specialist comes with five different types of settings, where barista express has 18 settings. Also, barista express has four portafilters, Specialista has only 2.

Differences also can be seen in the frothing wand. So, in a sort, Delonghi La Specialista is automated and suitable for beginners; on the other hand, Breville Barista Express provides more control to you. Now, it’s time to see the differences and similarities of Delonghi La Specialista vs Breville Barista Express in detail.

Aesthetics Design: De’longhi la Specialista vs Breville Barista Express

The design of both machines is coincidently very identical. But the size of Delonghi is slightly larger than Barista Express. Still, it won’t matter much if you have tight counter space without that.

They both have a removable water tank in the rear mount, bean hoppers on the top mount, analog pressure gauges, dedicated hot water outlets, a cup warmer, and a single ground head.

As for color, Barista Express has two options, black, and silver, where the Delonghi espresso machine offers additional red color, which looks relatively ‘cool’ with its build.

Build Quality: Breville Barista Pro vs Delonghi La Specialista

The quality of an espresso machine is determined by how durable that espresso is. In that case, La Specialista will disappoint you. Its quality is drastically mediocre compared to the Breville Barista Express.

There is far too much cheap plastic, even on the parts that will be used more often, like the portafilter handle, the bean hopper, the tamper. Also, the filter basket doesn’t feel that durable.

It’s a huge flaw holding the La Sprecilista back. On the other hand, I’m quite satisfied with Barista Express, as most parts are made with heavy stainless steel.

Grinding & Tamping

Making a cup of espresso is easier with La Specialista than Barista Espresso. As Specialista is for beginners, it is fully automated; on the other hand, this Breville espresso machine is semi-automated.

Though people especially like the grinding process of La Specialista; it is self-contained and starts as soon as you attach the portafilter.

In contrast, Barista Express can get a little messy, and if you are a beginner, tamping will be a lot messy. But you will get used to this soon. However, you won’t have to face this kind of problem with La Specialista as it has a built-in tamp.

La Specialista vs Barista Pro: Control And User Interface

The User interface of La Specialista is not that intuitive compared to other espresso machines. Dials and buttons are labeled with significant words and symbols like the ‘OK’ button in the middle.

It’s fine for someone who forgets thighs often or for older adults, but a clean and straightforward layout like Breville Express is more preferable. There are also several indicators on the control panel.

User Friendliness: De’longhi La Specialista vs Breville Barista Express

Specialista is a fully automated espresso machine. So making a cup of espresso is simpler with Delonghi La Specialista than Breville Barista Express. But, Barista Express offers more freedom with your texturing.

So, La Speacilista is a better choice for someone with less time and experience.

Espresso Quality: Delonghi La Specialista vs Breville Barista Express

Now comes the most important stuff: the most significant difference between these two machines is the quality of the espresso.

La Specailista is advertising to produce professional, cafe-quality espresso. But, this is not exactly true. It comes with a 51mm pressurized filter basket, which helps the espresso build pressure and creates crema by forcing all the water.

On the other hand, Breville Barista Express’s quality is excellent, way better than La Specialista. But, it is not something to go crazy about.

For your convenience, here you may find the most popular models Breville BES870XL Barista Express and the most talked-about espresso machine Bambino vs Bambino Plus.

FAQs about Delonghi La Specialista vs Breville Barista Express

Is the height mentioned from top to bottom, including the bean hopper?

No, the height mentioned above doesn’t include the bean hopper. La specialita is 17.7 inches with the bean hopper. The same goes for Barista Express.

Will a 4 inches mug fit under the Delonghi specialista vs Breville?

Yes, a 4-inch cup fits under the machine, and a 4.5-inch cup fits well. The machine has a height of 14.6 inches and a diameter of 11.6 inches, which should leave you with half an inch to spare on both ends when it’s in use.

What kind of milk should I use?

As the frother is outside in both machines, you can choose whatever type of milk you want. However, it is recommended to use fat and cold milk. More fat will yield better and creamier foam.

Is this espresso maker compatible with the Keurig cups?

Yes, it is compatible with most Keurig cups. The maximum cup height of the machine is 6-3/4 inches, so you’ll need to purchase K-cup pods that are at least that tall.

Is there any downside between Breville Barista Express vs Delonghi La Specialista? 

There appears to be a slight difference between the two. The Delonghi has a slightly larger water tank and an adjustable spout for different cup sizes, but the Breville has many more features and settings.

Which grinder is better: Breville barista vs Delonghi la specialista?

The Breville Barista Express Grinder is an improvement on the Delonghi by way of a built-in grinder. It has 40 grind settings compared to Delonghi’s 8.

What type of milk can you use in the Breville barista vs DeLonghi la specialista?

Both machines are able to use both cow’s and soy milk, but the Barista Express is better for those who use a wider variety of dairy by way of its adjustable steam wand.
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