Delonghi La Specialista Grinder Not Working

Is your Delonghi La Specialista grinder not working at this moment? One of the most common problems with an espresso machine is a malfunctioning grinder, which can lead to many other issues. If your Delonghi La Specialista shows signs of grinder problems you may become frustrated (too).

Be assured, I am here to guide you on the solution of the Delonghi La Specialista grinder not working problem. Let me get your issue first. Usually, the grinder feature in an espresso machine may produce sound but it might be incapable of grinding coffee beans at a rate that is wanted. Over time, it just makes noise without grinding.

In some cases, ground coffee does not end up in the portafilter correctly despite its best efforts. Thankfully, we’re here to help! Follow these easy steps and your favorite Delonghi La Specialista espresso machine will be back to serving you delicious beverages in no time.

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Delonghi La Specialista Grinder Not Working – Problem Solved

Delonghi La Specialista Grinder Not Working Problem Solution

1. Unplug & Clean The Grinder

For cleaning the grinder first you have to unplug the espresso machine. Near the grinder, the hopper is placed, so remove all the beans and empty the hopper. After that, remove the flower-looking silver plate from the grinding burr and then flip out the grinding burr. If possible try to pull out the exterior burr, it may seem pretty much hassling to remove. When your burr removing process is done make sure you clean all the remaining coffee beans or grounds inside the burr as well as from the grinder.

Note that, you should perform all steps keeping your machine switched off. Don’t use any water for cleaning, just wipe out the wastes with a dry tissue. Next, push down the right side of the machine top door and open the grind chute. Use the given brush from DeLonghi to clean any beans or cloggings of the chute. Usually, DeLonghi sends longer brushes for cleaning, now you may have understood why. You should clean the grinding chute periodically so that no further jams can occur in the future.

2. Burr Installment

After cleaning the burr, now it’s time to put it in the right place where it was. There are three parts you need to put back- the outer burr, grinder, bean hopper. The removable burr is easy to clean and install, so it’s better to clean it weekly after the usage for maintenance. Keep the coarseness ring in a counter-clockwise way where it would be in unlocking mode. 

After that, you have to place the burr inside the grinder just by pushing it slowly down into its initial location. Following, you have to adjust the burr by turning the ring and make sure to lock it where it was. The burr will enter into the grinder slowly which resembles a screw. While setting the burr in place you will notice that the burr is threading inside pushing the tabs. 

3. Hopper Installation

If you think this is the crucial step, you’re wrong. This is the concluding stage and before this, you have to properly perform the previous steps. Otherwise, all the hassles and installations of the hopper are null and void. The hopper has locking and unlocking symbols that will help you to fit the hopper in the correct position. Now swing it and put it smoothly on the right track and after fitting it will stand at the unlocking label. 

When you have successfully put the hopper in the exact position, now you can swing it a bit and bring it in the locking label. After swinging in the proper way to the point, you will feel that the hopper made a click, which indicates the placement. Following that, you can put some beans and check if it works smoothly or not. 

4. Adjust the La Specialista Grinder

Adjust the La Specialista Grinder

In this stage, you will test the grinder and the espresso machine if the job is done or not. Plug it into the power source and turn on the Delonghi La Specialista. Putting some beans in the grinder and grounding will confirm that your grinder is fixed. After that press, the espresso button and it will deliver you a cup of espresso instantly if everything is okay. 

You should perform this process 2 to 3 times to make the pathway and the grinder working smoothly. You should check the caramel and the crema level of the cup of espresso to confirm if everything is fine. Note that, you should not change the coarseness settings more than one at the same time. Because it can damage your grinder, so be patient.  

5. Maintenance Of Delonghi La Specialista

Maintaining the espresso machine is one of the key procedures that plays an important role in keeping the espresso sound and functional. I suggest you keep your usage according to the user manual that will help to maintain the espresso’s sound health.

Without reading the user manual completely we should not advise you to move forward with any further descaling process. Depending on your usage, you should clean the Delonghi La Specialista espresso after 2-3 months.

Final Verdict

La Specialista is a quality espresso machine for having a smooth creamy cup of coffee and cappuccino. But you need to take care of your coffee maker and you have to follow all the maintenance methods also. While descaling I won’t encourage you to use vinegar, buy one cheap descaler liquid from any nearby stores. To sum up the guide, I will recommend you to be patient, read the user manual completely and preserve the health of your espresso. 

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