DeLonghi ECAM35025SB Review – Does it better than Philips?

DeLonghi ECAM35025SB Review

Which is the best DeLonghi coffee & espresso machine for you? Not merely me but also the total number of customers will respond to DeLonghi’s models. In point of fact, all have a sensation on the DeLonghi’s recent model DeLonghi ECAM35025SB Dinamica automatic coffee and espresso machine.

The reason behind liking this machine is it never brews ground coffee except for fresh coffee. This stainless steel is deliberated as the best automatic coffee machine at an affordable cost, Why? Find out in detail below.

DeLonghi ECAM35025SB Dinamica Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine is filled to the brim with congenial functionalities. It’s the rapid heat-up feature that makes your coffee machine ready within 40 seconds. To be prudent about this machine keep your mind on DeLonghi ECAM35025SB reviews.

At a Glance DeLonghi ECAM 35025SB Espresso Machine

  • DeLonghi ECAM35025SB features 13 adjustable steel burr grinder settings
  • Its Panarello wand system creates the milk froth superb.
  • You can make 20 drinks with a one-touch button.
  • Its brew units take only 40 seconds to heat up.
  • It comes with a large bean hopper that capacitates 106 Oz of coffee beans.
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DeLonghi ECAM35025SB is the first-rate fully automatic espresso machine that features TrueBrew Over Ice Coffee Technology for preparing sleek and full-bodied ice coffee. No espresso machine offers as much convenience as DeLonghi Dinamica 35025SB does. Even after delivering so many finest performances, most of the customers still claim it is expensive.

With the closely related features and performance, Philips brand has a superlative model named Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine for those who can’t afford DeLonghi Dinamica. Beneath are the similarities and differences between these 2 machines.

Compare DeLonghi ECAM35025SB and Philips 3200  Espresso Machine

DeLonghi ECAM 35025SB Espresso MachinePhilips 3200  Espresso Machine
 DeLonghi ECAM35025SB Review  Philips 3200 Espresso Machine
DeLonghi ECAM35025SB has appeared with an innovative design and 13 adjustable burr grinder setting that tremendously intensifies the taste of beverages.Philips 3200 espresso machine comes with an advanced latte go system that is stimulated by natural carburetor designs. That is the reason behind getting mess-free espresso.
It has a rapid heat-up function by which your coffee gets hot within less than 40 seconds. As it is a 15 bar pump pressure espresso machine so its performance is pretty high like a coffee shop.With a single button pressing, you will get a latte, coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and americano. Being a 12 grinder setting machine it intense the flavor of these beverages.
Delonghi espresso machine is the first and foremost that comes with fully automatic features as well as TrueBrew Over Ice Coffee Technology which ensures full-bodied ice. So there is no option to have watered-down coffee.This espresso machine has a permanent aquaclean filter that allows you to remove stains and stink from the machine which can damage the taste of espresso or cappuccino.
It features a removable drip tray and removable brew unit that make sure the cleaning maintenance without using any harmful chemicals. Within a few minutes, it can complete the cleaning session.For the other espresso machine, it needs to descale after every month but this machine can make 5000 cups of fresh coffee without descaling. If you install the aqua clean filter permanently you can avoid the descaling function.
This espresso machine’s burr grinder grinds only fresh coffee beans for avoiding a burnt coffee taste. So, you have to brew the coffee only at your convenient time if you crave freshness.Its ceramic burr grinder helps you to retain the aroma of the coffee and doesn’t let it cool rapidly, rather it keeps the coffee warm for a long time.
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Key Features of DeLonghi ECAM35025SB Automatic Espresso Machine

Easy to Clean

It features a removable drip tray and a removable water reservoir. Its ceramic burr grinder never allows it to get stinky. With its self-rinsing button, the water reservoir removes water to clean it automatically. It’s aquaclean filter alerts not to descale it. Without descaling, you can have 5000 cups of coffee.


Generally, super-automatic espresso machines offer several additional accessories for making your operations more than easier. Like all, it also provides a pre-ground coffee measuring scoop, indicator paper, a descaler for descaling effortlessly, and an ice cube tray.

Easy Setup

Users prefer this machine most for its easy setup function. From beginner to the barista, get impressed. It’s automatic off/on features offer you a trouble-free shutdown. Its water reservoir has an LCD screen so that you can take a look when it is empty and keep it safe. Its one-touch button makes several cups of coffee simultaneously.

What Are Users Saying About DeLonghi ECAM35025SB Automatic Espresso Machine

To the coffee and espresso lovers, DeLonghi is the most trustworthy and reliable of other prominent espresso machines. Like all DeLonghi models  DeLonghi ECAM35025SB is also a trusted name and within easy reach of all. But it has multiple cons and customers once and again complaints against it. The principal complaint is about its bean container that is open and made of plastic. It is generally built for the safety of the machine but in that case, it goes wrong. Its loose lid doesn’t hold the air and sunlight. On account of this, you will be impotent to get fresh espresso.

This machine has plenty of positivity. The best thing that is liked by users is its automatic tamped station system. It delivers you hands-free velvety and pulpy milk foam with 15 bar pump pressure. A handful of users opine that it brews freshly grounded coffee for delicious flavor, so a multitude of customers summons it as a personal cafe. Since it is fully automatic so contemporaries should pick it up without second thought.

FAQs of DeLonghi ECAM35025SB Espresso Machine

Is DeLonghi Dinamica ECAM 35025SB Espresso Machine supports all types of beans?

No. This espresso machine doesn’t support all types of beans. So the manufacturer recommends using medium-roast beans for proper grinding and perfect taste.

Does Dinamica ECAM 35025SB last long?

According to the manufacturer, it lasts 2 years. But users expose their complaints that it doesn’t operate well after 1 year. On the other hand, few customers said it runs for more than 7 years. Its durability depends on your dimensions of usage.

Is it a bean-to-cup espresso machine?

Yes. DeLonghi ECAM35025SB is a flagship model of DeLonghi that allows you to make bean-to-cup coffee or espresso.
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Final Verdict

According to the users, DeLonghi ECAM35025SB seems more phenomenal than its description. The contention at the back of purchasing a fully automatic coffee and espresso machine is to get the finest quality beverages with upgraded technology in your home. 

The prior customers and connoisseurs recommend it too-too in the view of the fact that its versatility. No matter what kind of beverages you crave to brew; cold or hot, rather it can brew 20 genres of beverages. Last but not the least, if any users figure out it is an overpriced machine at $921, they can consider buying Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine at $600.

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