DeLonghi ECAM 35075SI Review – Is it better than Saeco?

DeLonghi ECAM 35075SI Espresso Machine

Are you feeling the requirements of an over-iced technology espresso machine? DeLonghi launched a new espresso machine in the world of superautomatic that prepares coffee drinks automatically so that you can be amused. The DeLonghi ECAM 35075SI Dinamica Espresso Machine seems iconic in this respect.

It’s latte crema system makes the milk froth automatically. It is compatible with rice, oats and soy. After purchasing it you will not go to a nearby cafe as DeLonghi ECAM 35075SI espresso machine offers the analogous quality coffee. Let’s repose your eyes over DeLonghi ECAM 35075SI review.

At a Glance DeLonghi ECAM 35075SI Espresso Machine

  • DeLonghi ECAM 35075SI comes with 18 espresso and specialty coffee recipes.
  • It’s conical burr grinder has 13 settings.
  • For making easy and rich froth it has panarello steam wand.
  • Its energy savings feature minimizes your electricity bills.
  • It’s over-iced coffee never watered down.
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Compare DeLonghi ECAM 35075SI and Saeco HD8924 Espresso Machine​

DeLonghi ECAM 35075SI Espresso MachineSaeco HD8924 Espresso Machine
 DeLonghi ECAM 35075SI Espresso Machine Saeco HD8924 Espresso Machine
DeLonghi ECAM 35075SI Dinamica appears with a latte crema system that features self-cleaning and adjustable milk frother for automatic froths.Saeco HD8924 comes with a removable brewing group that assures you to make best-tasting coffee with extreme fineness.
It’s dual heating system grinds and brews cappuccino and latte simultaneously with ideal temperature and fineness.This impressive coffee maker is designed with advanced technology for making barista quality coffee.
It has a rapid heat up features that heats the water within 40 seconds after the turning off the machine.Without descaling this Saeco espresso machine offers 5000 cups of coffee. It is capable of making several cups of coffee without refilling.
It’s over-iced technology offers you extreme cold coffee besides drip-style coffee, cappuccino, latte, espresso, espresso lungo etc.It appears with a removable water reservoir. It features a bean container of 8.8 oz.
This DeLonghi machine has a stainless steel burr grinder with 13 settings for grinding coffee freshly.It’s backlit display assists you to be amused with multitude specialty coffee with a touch of button.
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What Are Users Saying About DeLonghi ECAM 35075SI Espresso Machine

DeLonghi’s fan base is uncontrovertibly gigantic compared to other illustrious brands like Breville, Gaggia and Saeco. The DeLonghi ECAM 35075SI Espresso Machine is analogously exoteric like predecessor models. Most of the users consider it an alternative to Nespresso coffee maker.

It’s pretty consistent when it comes to making great quality coffee and hassle – free cleaning. No other coffee machine offers such freshly ground coffee like this DeLonghi espresso machine. It’s milk frother is also capable of making hot water and tea. The most liked feature of it is its attached milk holder that assumes you to add a variety of liquids too.

A sprinkling of the customers highly speaks about its issues. According to them it’s milk frother is a little bit cheap where all the materials of the machines are made with high quality materials. It sounds noisy when grinding coffee beans. To make a single cup of coffee takes a huge time.

The manufacturer doesn’t provide much instructions and user manual. This giant size machine is tricky to fit in your kitchen. It’s water container is too small in size and it’s awkward shape makes the user puzzle when they go to refill water. Over and above, it is required to be experimented by constructor.

Key Features of DeLonghi ECAM 35075SI Espresso Machine

Brewing Capacity

DeLonghi ECAM 35075SI comes with a bean-to-cup brewing system. It’s a coffee dispensing spout to make sure that you will have your coffee with an ideal temperature and velvety milk crema. Probably, the customers will be delighted to hear that the dispensing coffee spout is adjustable and supports you to fit giant sizes mugs. When you go to make iced coffee it needs 3 to 5 beans. For frothing milk you need to wait for a few seconds to have the right temperature. To have rich milk froth switch on the start button.

Convenient Functionalities

Very few coffee machines are manufactured with over-iced coffee technology for offering a great-tasting cold coffee. But as it brews in a lower temperature so it takes a few moments to come out from spout. Without watered down or melting the ice it offers cold coffee. To enhance the taste you can add sugar and milk. It’s integrated burr grinder grinds fresh coffee beans. It makes dense and puppy milk froth for enhancing the taste of espresso, latte and cappuccino. How much your milk froth will rich it depends on the settings of the burr grinder.

Easement of Cleaning

Super automatic coffee machine cleaning is the most facile operation. With just pressing the rinse button you will be able to clean the internal unit of the machine. When you press the button, the dispensing spout supplies water. The machine automatically cleans the steam wand thoroughly. You never have to be tense about the cleaning maintenance. It’s removable water reservoir and drip tray offers you wrinkle-free cleaning. For light cleaning you can use damp cloth and hot water. But never use chemicals that lose the taste of the coffee and ruin your machine. For deep cleaning you can descale your machine after every 3 months.

FAQs of DeLonghi ECAM 35075SI Espresso Machine

Does DeLonghi ECAM 35075SI offer any additional accessories?

Yes. It offers multiple additional accessories like pre-ground measuring scoop, pre-ground coffee funnel, indicator paper and water filter for making your coffee machine operation effortless.

Does it have a single coffee option?

Yes, it has a single coffee option by using the comportment.
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Final Words

Providing only hot coffee is not the last word for a coffee machine. Rather it should provide all sorts of coffee especially cold coffee considering the summer season. From LED display to iconic buttons make the DeLonghi ECAM 35075SI Espresso Machine consummate. Though customers convey its $1128 price is sky-scraping but when considering performance, price would be a trivial consequence to them. Hopefully this review will assist to make a prudent decision. 

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