DeLonghi EC9335M Review – Who is the DeLonghi or Breville

DeLonghi EC9335M Review

Do you feel tormented with your used espresso machine? Well, if you denied the espresso machine of DeLonghi brand then confidently you will fall into nuisance like temperature control and advanced latte system. DeLonghi’s recent model DeLonghi La Specialista Espresso Machine with refurbished technology. No other DeLonghi espresso machine creates such hype like La Specialista. With its smart tamping station this machine grinded coffee with perfect pressure and mess free experience. 

Being flexible and user-oriented contemporary customers concentrates on this. DeLonghi La Specialista Espresso Machine is the best DeLonghi Espresso Machine. It’s quick and easy heat up functionality made it idiosyncratic compared to others. Let’s see how worthy it is. Pursue DeLonghi EC9335M reviews to be prudent on it.

At a Glance DeLonghi EC9335M Espresso Machine

  • DeLonghi EC9335M features dual grinding sensors.
  • To offer you the right pressure it has a Smart Tamping Station.
  • With a single minute you can find your desired beverages with 3 pre-set recipes.
  • It delivers you an advanced latte system by which you can have pulpy milk texture.
  • For brewing an authentic Espresso or Americano it supports you to separate hot water spouts.
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Indisputably, DeLonghi is one of the high-end espresso machines brands. So, users never convey any type of scepticism over DeLonghi’s fresh finest quality model DeLonghi EC9335M La Specialista Espresso Machine. But this model of DeLonghi is a little more expensive than others. Consequently, if you desire to get the equivalent features as well as the same conveniences, you can opt for the Breville BES840XL at a lower price than DeLonghi. Let’s repose your eyes on the difference between DeLonghi and Breville espresso machines to make your path easier in selecting the espresso machine.

Compare DeLonghi EC9335M and Breville BES840XL Espresso Machine

DeLonghi EC9335M Espresso MachineBreville BES840XL Espresso Machine
DeLonghi EC9335M Review Breville BES840XL Espresso Machine
DeLonghi EC9335M La Specialista Espresso Machine appears with a dual grinding sensor as if you can have automatic and delicious bean-to cup coffee.Breville BES840XL/A is considered as the expert-level quality espresso machine that makes pure espresso with accurate temperature since it features a thermocoil heating system.
It’s smart tamping system assists you to tamp the lever for holding the proper pressure along with its Temperature Control System to render temperature durability for extracting espresso.This espresso machine supplies you a removable drip tray by which you can get a trouble-free cleaning. It allows you to serve several cups of coffee simultaneously.
DeLonghi EC9335M’s advanced latte system supports you to make hands free milk frothing which is accurately softened and velvety. In that case, it never misuse the milk.The best part of this machine is its Hot Water Dispenser that offers you normal hot water. So, not only coffee but also you can make soup and tea with this machine.
It’s fast start up time features make the extreme cold water hot rapidly, so this machine effortlessly grinds the beans.It’s three hours of auto shut off features minimize your electricity bills and protects the machine from being damaged.
The removable 2 litre water reservoir and drip tray make you experience a mess-free espresso. It’s self-rinsing features offer you an easy clean up process.It has additional features like Émpty me’, ‘Sleep mode’, ‘Clean me’, stainless steel jug, coffee scoop, cleaning disc and water filter etc.
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What Are User Saying About DeLonghi EC9335M Espresso Machine

In the meanwhile, you can guess the customer’s feedback by viewing the expedient features of this DeLonghi espresso machine. Being impartial, though this machine seems well but after all it has a few frustrating aspects. The most liked object of this very espresso machine is its manufacturing design that dazzles the eyes of the customers. For the beginners, there is no option apart from this as it takes a very handy time to make espresso or other beverages with divine taste.

The most disliked fact by the users is its water leaking issues that keeps you busy all the time to wipe the floor from being drenched. The other one is it never supports you to use beans to a large extent in the hopper. But the users expose a contradiction to consider this nuisance as a limitation, rather they highly recommend this machine for all classes of espresso machine users.

Key Features of DeLonghi EC9335M La Specialista Espresso Machine

Brewing Capacity

The smart tamping system makes the brewing capacity more easier. By keeping an accurate amount of beans you can brew the espresso perfectly. If you use an excessive amount of beans then the bean hopper will stuck and stop brewing the coffee. As it has only 6 grinding settings so you can get the less flavor from this machine.

Cleaning Maintenance

As this machine is made of metal casing you don’t need to be tensed about the cleaning maintenance. You can wipe the mark and tarnish. This machine features an extreme large removable water reservoir of 2 litre together with a drip tray and bean hopper. It’s self-rinsing features operate hot water with a brewing unit after every use. You can descale after every 3 months.


The DeLonghi EC9335M La Specialista is worth even after being expensive. It’s performance is beyond description. It offers you several additional accessories for making trouble-free and flavorful espresso. But the sad part of this machine is it doesn’t support all sizes of mugs. It supports only tiny sizes of mugs but not giant sizes. 

FAQs of DeLonghi EC9335M La Specialista Espresso Machine

Are DeLonghi’s all models top-notch?

To be very honest, DeLonghi’s espresso machines are supremely good. Its features and performance is consistent enough with its cost. DeLonghi machines additional accessories manufactured with optimum quality. Last but not the least, you can be pleased by its microfoam cappuccino or latte like coffee shop.

Is the DeLonghi EC9335M long lasting?

According to the manufacturer, the DeLonghi EC9335M is durable enough. It has a 2 years warranty. But a small number of  users complain that it operates well in the first few months but after that the water reservoir leaks. Then you will be required to replace the machine.

Does it need to descale DeLonghi espresso machines frequently?

The manufacturer suggests their customers to descale DeLonghi espresso machines after every 3 months if you live in an area that has water strictness. Otherwise it will be good for your machine to descale every month.
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Final Verdict

Espresso machines users recurrently suspect about being a beginner they will be incompetent to make coffee or espresso like barista but proving their conception wrong DeLonghi EC9335M makes flavorful espresso by itself. Majority of the customers treated this machine rich in terms of price but if you take into account how much dollar you spent over drinking coffee all year. Incontrovertibly, the price of an espresso machine is less than that. 

This user-friendly machine diminishes the wastage of milk. You will never be fooled by purchasing this machine for sure. Feel free to opt for this machine. Hopefully, this article will indicate to you the right path while selecting an ideal espresso machine.

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