DeLonghi EC685M Review – Truly how durable and considerable?

DeLonghi EC685M Review - Truly how durable and considerable?

Coffee is man’s eternal best friend through heavy mornings and late night works. You’ll always find a sip of espresso or cappuccino to awake you out during such times. But nonetheless, you won’t have any time on going to coffee shops on a middle of the night or early in the morning when you are such in a rush. That is why a lot of people are buying coffee machines for convenient coffee making.

Rather than spending a thousand of dollars for a high-quality espresso machine, then check out this DeLonghi EC685M Dedica Deluxe espresso machine. This is the most affordable way to brewing healthy and high-quality coffee. Show your inner barista skills through this sophisticated espresso machines!

Key Features of the DeLonghi America EC685M Dedica Deluxe Espresso Machine

Highly Adjustable Controls
This authentic brand of coffee maker could be conformable among different temperature conditions. The product also has adjustable frother to alter various levels of steam and milk to make different flavors of coffee. It has an auto-shutdown feature that conforms to whatever espresso volume could be filled over your cups. If you have large and tall cups, then don’t panic. This espresso machine has a double dip tray for you to adjust.

Easy to Use
No need to read manuals thoroughly because this coffee machine is absolutely friendly to operate even to beginners. Most likely, the controls of this machine are highly programmable from temperature to volume so you’ll never get to waste much energy upon using this coffee machine. It has a 15 bar pressure pump to assure quality and convenience with its utilization.

Compact and Small Body
This coffee machine is mostly made from premium finished stainless steel so you’ll assure that it won’t get tear or rust easily as you’ve fear. This is extremely lightweight with 6-inch ultra slim design that does not take too much space into your kitchen. This coffee machine is portable so you could bring it anywhere you wanted.

Detachable Water Tank
At the rear of the machine, situates the water tank. This water tank could hold up to 35 ounces that is prettily good for at least four to five standard cups of coffee. The tank is highly refillable and removable so you’ll never get difficulties on adjustments of visible water levels.

Versatile Coffee Making
With the aluminum 51 mm non-pressurized double shot portafilter, you should assure the best quality of coffee making. This multi-purpose coffee machine takes your coffee experience to different levels. You could get espresso, cappuccino, Americano, or Latte according to your tastes and likes.

Simple Cleaning
The tank and the drip tray is detachable so you’ll never get hard at cleaning it in water. The aluminum portafilter and its structure are made significantly for convenient and safe dishwashing.

Fast Coffee Delivery
Brew your cup of coffee quick and instant. Through its unique Rapid Cappuccino System, you could brew a single cup of coffee for 35 seconds. The temperature also could be optimized through its Thermoblock Heating System to keep brewing fast and efficient.

Energy-Efficient Coffee Making
Though it has a wattage of 1300 watts, this coffee machine contains an energy saving mode to help on conserving electricity and energy. However, this is a limited feature and could not be utilized for all coffee types and mixtures.

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Compare with DeLonghi America EC680B Dedica vs DeLonghi EC685M Dedica

Both DeLonghi products are just two of the best coffee making machines being sold by a lot of stores nowadays. But despite that both products come from the same brand, they exhibit a lot of differences that make each product extra special to its users.

DeLonghi America EC680B is a lightweight coffee machine that has similar design and quality as the Delonghi EC685M. It fills out a maximum 35 ounces of water in its tank and has 15 bar pump to make every coffee making simple and easy. Its cappuccino system is patented achieving rich and tasty cappuccino. Also, it has a thermo-block technology for fast and quick coffee making as much as only 40 seconds.

Compare with DeLonghi America EC680B Dedica vs DeLonghi EC685M Dedica
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But then if you look at it, most of its important features have the same equivalent features to DeLonghi EC685M Dedica. It also employs quick and highly optimized coffee making with much less duration for only 35 seconds.

Aside from that, it has additional features that the latter have not. It has programmable features from temperature to the mixture of steam and milk that you could readily adjust the way you like. The espresso machine is also versatile. Anything you like from cappuccino, latte, or espresso. There’s nothing that this Delonghi espresso coffee machine could not brew and make. DeLonghi America EC680B has also an energy saving mode feature for fewer bills and energy consumption.

Pricewise, the DeLonghi EC685M Dedica seems a bit expensive than the latter. But if you’ll weigh in the additional features it has and the price, you’ll absolutely going to choose over DeLonghi EC685M Dedica than the other coffee machine. Either way, both are amazing products coming from the same manufacturer. But just looking through its numbers, you’ll  tell what product is better one.

What are users saying about DeLonghi EC685M Dedica?

A lot of its users were really amazed at the product’s features and performance. The machine is simple to set up and to operate. Its instruction manual is easy to understand that even first-timers could get immediately. Users also applauded on how a very small and lightweight design could have a lot of amazing features.

What are users saying about DeLonghi EC685M Dedica

The DeLonghi EC685M is also reliable, consistent, and reasonable with its price. This is great for coffee businesses because it operates fast coffee making. Overall, there are really not that many negative remarks about this product but just a few add-ons that most users wish it has.

It does not include a cup or container for the steam. But nonetheless, you could use any medium to put your steam on. Also, a three-way solenoid valve is missing that some premium coffee making machines has. However, this add-on could mean a surging increase in price if it’s still included. Some also hope to extend the warranty to enjoy its purpose.

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Truly how durable the DeLonghi EC685M Dedica is?

If you are talking about its features and efficiency, then there’s no doubt of it. It enjoys long-lasting coffee operation that could employ within long months and years of utilization. Construction and design are made from industrial-grade materials ensuring you durability and toughness of the coffee making machine.

Though its price is a bit off, if you’ll compare this product to other high-end coffee making machine brands, then you’ll surprise to know that this product matches to the quality at much less price to the other brands.

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Final Verdict

There are a lot of coffee making machines available on the market today. Choosing is one of the hardest things among hundreds of brand. Not just look at its price but the high quality and consistency of the product. This DeLonghi EC685M Dedica matches to those attributes but at an affordable price that you’ll like.

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