Delonghi EC260BK Review – Why are users saying it’s worthy?

Delonghi EC260BK Review

Espresso machines can be pretty expensive. And, if you’re just starting, spending so much is burdensome. But, this Delonghi EC260BK review offers you the solution.

Delonghi EC260BK is the espresso maker we are talking about today. Comes at a low price; the Delonghi espresso machine is made for beginner baristas.

With the DeLonghi EC260BK with a built-in frother, you can prepare your favorite cafe-quality beverages at home easily. And, the beautiful design adds elegance to your kitchen.

As a manual espresso machine, it demands your barista skills; but is straightforward for novice users. There are many more exciting features, which we will know in this Delonghi EC260BK review. So, stay tuned.

Noticeable feature At A Glance

Versatility: Enjoy several different beverages including, espresso, cappuccino, and latte.

Compact design: The small footprint of the machine fits a small kitchen perfectly.

Milk Frother: Texture your milk with the powerful milk frother.

Forge Ability: This beginner-friendly machine lets you sharpen your barista ability.

15-bar pressure pump: Enjoy rich shots with the industry-standard pressure pump, which extracts single and double shots.

Robust Unit: The powerful machine is meant to last a long run with stainless steel housing and a boiler.

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Comparison Between Delonghi EC260BK And Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine

Delonghi EC260BK Espresso MachineHamilton Beach Espresso Machine
Delonghi EC260BK Espresso Machine Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine
Delonghi EC260BK is a compact espresso machine with a small footprint on your countertop. The device measures 13.5 inches in height, 8 inches in width, and 11 inches in depth.The Hamilton Beach 40715 Espresso Machine is also a small machine and has a similar size to EC260BK. It measures 13 inches in height, 8.2 inches in width, and 12 inches in depth.
The machine doesn’t come with any built-in grinder. So, you need to spend some extra money on this for a good grinder with this machine.This machine also doesn’t have any grinder like its counterpart. So, here also you need to buy a grinder.
To make delicious espresso, the machine utilizes an industry-standard 15-bar pressure pump to extract single and double shots to produce delicious espresso.It also utilizes a powerful 15-bar Italian pump to extract espresso from both fresh grounds and pre-measured pods.
For long-lasting performance, the machine comes with a robust design and durable interior. The overall machine is made of stainless steel and ABS plastic.This Hamilton espresso machine is made of heavy-lasting plastic, so it is bound to last for a long time.
But, the ECc260BK Delonghi capacities are somewhat compromising, like the water tank is only 34 ounces, and large cups don’t fit under the spouts.Due to its small figure, the capacities of the espresso makers are also limited. The water reservoir can hold only 40 ounces of water.
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What Users Are Saying About Delonghi EC260BK Espresso & Latte Machine

The Delonghi EC260BK got quite a positive response from the users. Although it’s not flawless as some of the users are saying, it is the best in the market considering its price.

Many things on this machine that I liked, but I also found a lot of flaws. And, it was acceptable; even super high-end devices have many drawbacks. Compared to those, this Delonghi EC260BK espresso machine is way better.

The first positive thing is the price of this machine is so cheap that most of the users had to think whether they should buy it or not. But, it exceeded everyone’s expectations. Using it is a child’s play but will require your hands-on skills. So, the EC260bk Delonghi espresso machine is suitable for beginners.

Moreover, the Delonghi espresso machine uses a 15-bar pressure pump to ensure creamy espresso and frother milk texture to make cafe-quality latte and cappuccino. The device is also robust with heavy plastic housing and stainless steel boilers. Overall, at this price point, this type of machine is pretty rare.

However, as I mentioned before, the machine has many flows. First, although I said the device is robust, it is when you use it carefully. But, if you get rough, it won’t last long. The steam wand is also quite awkward. And, as a budget-friendly espresso machine, it is missing many of the latest technologies. But, what more do you get from this Delonghi espresso ec260bk machine? The device provides way more value than it should.

Key Features Of Delonghi EC260BK Espresso Machine

Key Features Of Delonghi EC260BK Espresso Machine


The Delonghi EC260BK is a moderate size espresso machine with a pretty good design. The device doesn’t take an ample space on your countertop, which measures 13.5 inches in height, 8 inches in width, and 11 inches in depth.

Unlike most espresso machines at this price point, Delonghi stilosa espresso machine ec260bk comes in a high-gloss black color finish with stainless steel elements. There are also some fantastic minor features like a removable drip tray, cup warmer, removable tray, and many other features. Thanks to this removable drip tray, you can fit an extensive range of cup sizes.

From inside, it utilizes a 15-bar pressure pump and stainless steel boiler to make delicious espresso. The overall machine is straightforward. On the control panel, you don’t have a lot of controls. And, it allows you to pull both single and double shots.


Despite being a low-budget espresso machine, the Delonghi EC260BK does a great job in making espresso. The shots are consistent and hot enough. The industry standard 15 bar pressure pump allows users to extract rich espresso. Also, there is the stainless steel boiler, which provides fast and precise temperature.

The powerful manual frother textures your milk to prepare authentic cappuccino, latte, or flat white. And, the portafilter that comes with it has two filters to extract single and double espresso. As the control panel is simple, beginners will find this machine quite helpful to hone their barista skills.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Espresso machines need constant cleaning to keep up their top performance. Suppose you don’t; residual piles up and hinder your espresso experience. But, cleaning is a tedious job. However, some machines make it easy. Delonghi espresso machine ec260bk is one of them.

The manufacturer recommends descaling the machine at least once a month. As it doesn’t have any accessible cleaning features, cleaning it will be a minor hassle. The removable parts of the machine make it faster to clean up. Moreover, the stainless steel exterior ensures it doesn’t get dirty frequently. Just wipe the housing with a cleaning solution and soft cloth.

FAQs about Delonghi EC260BK Stilosa Espresso Machine

What is the portafilter size of Delonghi EC260BK?

The diameter of the portafilter of this unit is 51 mm.

Does the frother use steam to froth milk?

Yes, the wand uses steam to froth your milk.

What is the size of the water reservoir?

The removable water tank capacity is 34 oz.
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Final Verdict

The Delonghi EC260BK is a low-budget espresso machine but provides extraordinary performance. The device is robust and consistent in shots. And, it also offers some wonderful minor features. Overall, you won’t find this quality machine at this low price point.

However, the machine has some flaws. Mainly, the accessories that come with it are not quite well. So, most likely you need to spend some more money to buy some necessities. But, all worth it when you compare its price and performance. I think any beginner will like this machine, and I highly recommend it. That’s all for this Delonghi EC260BK review.

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