DeLonghi COM532M Review – Who is the best DeLonghi or Krups

DeLonghi COM532M Review

Which DeLonghi coffee machine is superior according to you? In this case, most of the customers regard the DeLonghi COM532M Coffee & Espresso Machine as top of the range. DeLonghi COM532M is considered as the best DeLonghi espresso machine.

With the best brewing capacity this DeLonghi coffee machine subjugates the marketplace. It’s 15 bar pressure pump and advanced adjustable steam wand make rich and dense milk foam. To have more details about it have a look at DeLonghi COM532M Reviews

At a Glance of DeLonghi COM532M Espresso Machine

  • DeLonghi COM532M coffee machine has a 15 bar pressure pump.
  • This espresso machine comes with a dual heating system.
  • This DeLonghi coffee machine has an advanced steam wand.
  • DeLonghi COM532M coffee machine has a 24 hours programmable timer.
  • This espresso machine includes a spill proof carafe.

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Compare DeLonghi COM532M and Krups 985-42 II Espresso Machine

DeLonghi COM532M Espresso Machine Krups 985-42 II Espresso Machine
DeLonghi COM532M Review Krups 985-42 II Espresso Machine
DeLonghi COM532M Coffee & Espresso Machine has appeared with a dual heating system that assumes you brew coffee and espresso at the same time. Krups 985-42 II Coffee & Espresso Machine has dual purpose that brews 8-5 ounce cups of regular coffee and 4 cups of espresso simultaneously.
This coffee and espresso machine has an Italian 15 bar pressure pump that helps you to experience authentic espressos and brew at an optimal pressure to have rich flavor. This coffee & espresso machine has a steam nozzle with frothing attachment which covers making cappuccino and caffe latte.
This DeLonghi coffee & espresso machine has an advanced steam wand for offering you both lattes and cappuccinos with the frothing wand. It provides you rich and creamy milk foam. The Krups espresso machine provides you a 20 seconds pause feature so that you can have a mid-brew pour in your regular coffee.
DeLonghi COM532M Coffee & Espresso Machine has appeared with a 24 hour programmable timer for enjoying freshly brewed coffee. Its digital touchscreen helps you to enjoy maximum experience. Krups 985-42 II Coffee & Espresso Machine dispenses espresso into carafe or into 1 or 2 espresso cups.
This coffee & espresso machine is capable of customizing your coffee taste and aroma. It includes an innovative spill proof carafe so that your coffee doesn’t get wasted. This coffee & espresso machine grinds the whole coffee beans perfectly within a few moments. It only brews fresh beans.
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What Are Users Saying About DeLonghi COM532M Espresso Machine

DeLonghi COM532M Coffee & Espresso Machine is one of the flagship models of DeLonghi. Like most of the DeLonghi coffee machines this model is also full of convenient functionalities. Customers disclose both their positive and negative reviews. The best part of this coffee machine is its advanced adjustable cappuccino and hot milk option on the frother that assists you to have two settings. It’s digital touch screen and 24 hour programmable auto function so that you can brew coffee in the morning.

You can set a timer to get coffee according to your desire. It saves your countertop space. It is capable of making all the milk-based coffee drinks including latte, espresso, cappuccino, coffee and americano. It makes tasty cups of drip coffee. This coffee machine has a number of flaws. Being a large machine it takes a lot of space. The most irritating part of this coffee machine is it’s 15 bar espresso pump sounds loudly when brewing. Otherwise this coffee machine has no major flaws. The manufacturers are trying to troubleshoot these issues. Forgetting all the prior customers recommend this for beginners.

Key Features of DeLonghi COM532M Coffee and Espresso Machine

Enchanting Design

If any customers are seeking an eye-catching design then what can be better than DeLonghi COM532M Coffee and Espresso Machine. This coffee machine is manufactured with stainless steel and plastic. Customers can easily assemble this coffee machine as it has a facile design to operate. But to set this machine you need to have a lot of space in your kitchen. It’s stylish design enhances the charm of your kitchen.


Versatility is the most remarkable consequence for an appliance. It’s 15 bar espresso pump assists you to have a rich brew. It’s steam wand makes rich milk foam for enhancing the taste of cappuccino and latte. Customers love its 24 hour programmable timer assuming you to get your desirable and best-tasting coffee drinks.

Easy Cleaning

It is considered that the coffee machine is the messiest place after making huge bulks of coffee. Cleaning this coffee machine is facile. Being stainless steel customers can easily clean it by wiping it with warm water and damp cloth. Customers need to clean this coffee machine 2-3 times in a week. For deep cleaning it needs descaling in every single month.

FAQs of DeLonghi COM532M Espresso Machine

Q: Does DeLonghi COM532M Coffee & Espresso Machine use Nespresso pods?

Yes. DeLonghi’s all coffee machine is compatible with Nespresso pods including Le Cube, all Citiz models, all Pixie models, Lattissima models and Inissia coffee machines.

Q: Does this DeLonghi coffee machine make regular coffee?

Yes. DeLonghi COM532M espresso machine can make regular coffee. But not all the DeLonghi machines are capable of doing so. Only the dual purpose machine can make espresso and coffee. 

Q: How long should I steam the milk when I am going to make latte?

You need to wait for 5 seconds after turning on the machine’s steam mode. Users need to wait for 20-40 seconds for heating up the milk properly.

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Final Verdict

DeLonghi COM532M Coffee and Espresso Machine is determined to provide barista-quality coffee drinks. This coffee machine allows you to use it for several years. Most of the customers seek consistency and durability when they go to purchase an appliance. In terms of this DeLonghi machine is incomparable. It offers you 5-7 years of longevity. So, it can be said that this coffee machine is worth every penny.

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