DeLonghi BCO320 Review – Why users consider it as perfect?

DeLonghi BCO320 Review

Do you ever consider having a premium quality coffee machine at a low-cost price? Most probably, never. But for the initial time, DeLonghi has launched a model with a large degree of functionalities under the name of DeLonghi BCO320 Combi Espresso Maker Coffee Machine. With stylish looks, it produces barista-quality cappuccino and lattes. 

For almost all the coffee lovers’ kitchens, this coffee maker exists. Its compact design fits and suits any size of the kitchen. With the touch of a button, this coffee maker makes all sorts of coffee beverages with rich and creamy milk froth. Let’s move at a glance at DeLonghi BCO320 Reviews.

At a Glance DeLonghi BCO320 Espresso Machine

  • DeLonghi BCO320 has a cappuccino system.
  • This coffee machine features practical cup storage.
  • This lucrative coffee machine model includes a stainless steel espresso boiler.
  • DeLonghi BCO320 coffee machine operates on 220-240 volts.
  • This coffee maker includes a safety cap for avoiding accidents.
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Compare DeLonghi BCO320 and Breville ESP8XL Espresso Machine

DeLonghi BCO320 Espresso MachineBreville ESP8XL Espresso Machine
 DeLonghi BCO320 Review Breville ESP8XL Espresso Machine
DeLonghi BCO320 Combi Espresso Maker Coffee Machine has launched with a cappuccino system that assists to mix steam, air, and milk. It produces a rich and creamy froth for ensuring optimal cappuccinos.Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker has appeared with a dual-wall crema technology for producing rich and smooth flavor.
This espresso maker coffee machine has complete frontal loading for refilling water and coffee for the drip side of the machine.This stainless espresso maker features a professional-grade adjustable steam wand for the third wave specialty coffee at home.
This DeLonghi Combi Espresso Maker Coffee Machine has come with a 2 cup adapter for producing you 2 cups of coffee at the same time.This Breville model has come with a warming tray which is made with a single piece of aluminum and able to heat six cups of coffee at a time.
DeLonghi BCO320 Combi Espresso Maker Coffee Machine features 3 and 5 bar pump pressure for having dense milk froth.Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker includes a selector dial for extracted espresso. For effortless control, it features a finger looper.
This DeLonghi coffee machine includes a practical cup holder to store your coffee cups. It’s filter is capable of making 10 cups of coffee in a single refill.This Breville espresso maker includes 3 stainless steel filters of a single shot, double shots, and pod. It features a removable water tank of 40 oz.
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What Are Users Saying About DeLonghi BCO320 Espresso Machine

DeLonghi is considered as the foremost as well as the uppermost coffee machine amongst millions of coffee maker brands. From ancient times to yet no coffee maker competes with DeLonghi except Breville. DeLonghi’s rest of the model has limitations. But DeLonghi BCO320 Combi Espresso Maker Coffee Machine is entirely contrastive than others when it comes to making the best-tasting coffee and provides a record-breaking performance. With state-to-the-art technology till DeLonghi BCO320 is the best coffee machine in this series.

Customers have compound reviews over this coffee machine. Most of the customers loved its adjustable steam emission and probably that is the principal reason for having optimal quality coffee. No other coffee maker offers multiple types of coffee beverages including cappuccino, latte, espresso, drip coffee, filter coffee, and americano like this DeLonghi espresso machine does. But it has major flaws with longevity and water leaks. A couple of customers complained that this machine’s cappuccino system stopped working after a few days. But forgetting all the limitations it’s experienced customers recommend it for all.

Key Features of DeLonghi BCO320 Espresso Machine


DeLonghi BCO320 Coffee Machine is extraordinary from all sides but when it comes to manufacturing quality then it would be total garbage. Where DeLonghi’s most of the coffee maker models are designed with stainless steel there this DeLonghi machine is plastic made and fails to offers you long-lasting service. 

Price and Performance

DeLonghi BCO320 has appeared with a low-cost price tag with numerous convenient functionalities. Users disclosed it has consistency enough with price and performance. Occasionally it starts to become a nuisance with a few parts. But you can troubleshoot this by replacing the specific part. 


The most noteworthy part of an appliance is its durability. But it’s a consequence of sorrow that this coffee machine doesn’t last long. After using 2 weeks it stops working. It waters leaks from everywhere even though the milk or water system is cleaned. 

FAQs of DeLonghi BCO320 Combi Espresso Maker Coffee Machine

Does DeLonghi BCO320 assume to make regular coffee?

Yes. DeLonghi BCO320 assumes you to make regular cups of coffee drinks especially espresso and coffee. With rich cream froth and chocolaty aroma, it makes barista-quality coffee like a cafe. It’s an extremely large water reservoir that capacitates 10 cups of coffee in a single refill.

Is it allowed to use coffee pods in espresso machines?

Yes, This coffee maker allows you to use coffee pods. By using pods you can make your coffee-making process easier particularly. Every single pod of coffee contains 7 grams of coffee that are grounded perfectly. You can use these pods twice. Though the taste of the coffee will not be the same as the first one.

Does it operate automatically?

No, it doesn’t operate automatically. But you can set a timer for having coffee within your desired time and temperature. It’s a semi-automatic coffee machine. So, you can count on it for starting it with the touch of a button.
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Final Verdict

DeLonghi BCO320’s all functionalities are beyond imaginable. For retaining the heat of the coffee it provides a jug warmer base. It’s charcoal filter filtrates water for offering you extreme freshness. So, contemplating the above-mentioned functionalities you ought to purchase this coffee machine with complete certainty.

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