De’Longhi America EN750MB Nespresso Lattissima Pro Machine Review

De'Longhi America EN750MB Nespresso Lattissima Pro Machine Review

De’Longhi America EN750MB Nespresso is a unique product that serves the purpose of not just serving quality espresso but many others.  It has a built-in technology that has been programmed to serve six different drinks.

Besides espresso, you will get ristretto, lungo, latte, cappuccino, hot milk, and a hot water feature for brewing your favorite hot tea. Its fresh milk carafe along with its automated function of foaming is one of its biggest draws.

This concept was integrated into the model from higher trim models and has been a great addition. Its easy-to-use interface makes it easy for anyone to stir up a drink for the guests.

You are going to get all the toggles that you want to make the drink of your choice. This product is extremely user-friendly and lets you take full control of the drinks you are going to prepare.

It has an uncomplicated single touch-screen, unlike many other brewing machines where the functions are scattered all over the place. A few pros and cons of this machine can be listed below:


  • An internal bin helps to store the pods. Thus you won’t find it empty after every brew.
  • It has small footprints and takes a small part of your countertop. It can be accommodated in a small part quite easily.
  • The touch-screen control panel is one of its USP and is easy to use.
  • It has a built-in cleaning function thus cleaning is not required after every use


  • It weighs quite a bit i.e. 6.5Kg to be precise and that makes it difficult to move it around frequently.
  • It has a short power cable of 45cm so it gets difficult to be positioned at the right place if the switchboard is at a distance.
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Compare De’Longhi EN750MB Nespresso vs DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica

De'Longhi EN750MB Nespresso vs DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica

ESAM300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso is another impressive and popular product from DeLonghi.  These two products have many features and functions in common but there are some features in which they differ. Differentiation may be put across between these two products:

  • The Delonghi Magnifica ESAM3300 has a double boiler which the EN750MB lacks.
  • The water tank of the Magnifica can be replaced while the Nespresso does not have any such benefit.
  • On the other hand, the Nespresso has six pre-installed flavors which are absent in the Magnifica.
  • The cappuccino system rotates 180 degrees in Magnifica while it does not have such function in Nespresso.
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Key Features De’Longhi America EN750MB Nespresso lattissima pro machine

Key Features De'Longhi America EN750MB Nespresso lattissima pro machine

The key features which make this De Longhi America EN750MB so beneficial for use are listed below:

  • It has a water tank and a hinged lid which makes it easier to use.
  • The touch-screen has been programmed to make the interface an easy-to-use experience. Thus controlling the various parameters turn out to be an easy exercise.
  • The Nespresso lattissima pro products are patented and provide a guarantee for the best possible results.
  • The product has a premium finish and texture and the designs are imported from Italy.
  • There are six pre-programmed drinks that help you prepare according to your choice in one go.
  • You can get your dink with a single touch.
  • The water tank possesses a hinged lid that prevents the water from spilling out. Thus you are saved from creating a mess of your kitchen while using this machine.
  • It eliminates the espresso extraction guesswork through the Nespresso Grand Cru coffee capsules.
  • It has a contemporary look that gives your kitchen a more modern feel to it.
  • It has a 0.5l removable milk container that can be put inside the refrigerator to store unused milk.
  • The milk foam is fresh.
  • This machine is very fast when it comes to heating both the water and coffee. It takes only 25 seconds for the water to steam and an additional 15 seconds to heat the coffee.
  • This machine comes with chrome-shaped cup support. It will fold up and make way so that you can take out your espressos and
  • The hot water nozzle can be detached, thus making cleaning an easy task.
  • The container can hold 16 capsules so you do not have to refill it constantly like other machines.

Why De’Longhi America EN750MB Compatibility at Home or at Office

DeLonghi America EN750MB Nespresso is one of the best espresso machines that you get in the market.  This Delonghi automatic espresso machine has been programmed and integrated in such a manner that it has made the preparation of espressos an easier process. Be it at home or in the office, this product is very handy and easy to use.

The various customization options make it very quirky and cool alongside its great abilities. The six integrated drinks help to choose from an assorted list of options and help to make a drink according to the choice of your guests. The quick responses and smart toggles are a reason why this product is a good choice to be kept at your office.

Anyone can understand the functionalities of this product as it has been designed so beautifully. It does not consume much space so it can be kept at a corner in your office.

Your employees can therefore make a drink themselves based on their tastes and preferences and you are saved from assigning a person for the job.

The drinks prepared from this machine give the taste and look of those you get at a café. So café-like espressos can be stirred at home with the help of this fantastic machine.

This is surely a great product in all respects be it design, functionalities, features and easy to use properties makes it stand out in a market, which has likewise products from different manufacturers.

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Even at a café that is full of people throughout the day, this product can fuel the café in serving its customers at a much faster pace. Thus the café would be benefitted as it would have the capability to attend to more people at a go.

The features make me believe that the Delonghi en750mb nespresso lattissima pro would be the best bet both at home and for commercial purposes.

What users are saying about De’Longhi EN750MB Nespresso

Is it an easy device to work? This is the question I have been asked the most number of times by my friends and neighbors who have seen the Delonghi en750mb Nespresso. People these days want to go for a product that does not have too much hassle in usage and is easy to maintain as well.

User Opinion about De'Longhi EN750MB Nespresso

This product fits the bill for both these requirements. Easily espressos and other drinks that I did not prepare in a machine did not have the kind of taste I found in a café. I could not also use different combinations in preparing a single drink.

There used to be always the same techniques and processes that I went through while preparing a cup of espresso. The Delonghi lattissima pro en750mb details like which ingredient to be used in what amount is taken care of by this product. Having all the functions displayed in front of you provides the perfect assistance.

Most of the users using this product have been very satisfied with its performance.  According to a user, the best thing about the machine is that it gives instructions in words such as”turn milk to clean”, and “put the milk back in fridge”.

It is easy to clean, both the base and the milk container. I like the milk container situation – they’ve done to keep it clean ensure there’s no moldy stuff sticking around anywhere.

Holds enough water for the week, and is easy to refill water. It makes perfect foam! I have it on the lowest foam setting and it’s still a lot of foam for me.

It’s not too loud.” Another user shared how she used to grind coffee beans in the quest of preparing the perfect espresso but since the purchase of this machine, she has not gone back to that old technique.

My Experience in a nutshell about De Longhi America EN750MB

I used to have at the most two cups of espressos in a day. But since the purchase of this machine my consumption of espressos has seen a leap. For all the guys out there who love this drink, you need to purchase this to experience the flavors and the taste it offers.

The indicators help a great help in stirring the perfect mixture. It takes up the least amount of space and cleaning this is so easy which is a headache for similar products. There has not been a day I have not used it since the day of purchase.

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Final Verdict

In the end, after a thorough analysis, it can be said without any doubt that the DeLonghi America EN750MB Nespresso is a great product that provides a host of features layered in a manner that makes optimum usage a very easy task.

The best espressos lattes and cappuccinos can be blended according to the preference of the user by mixing different ingredients accordingly. It makes for a great investment at home or at the office. Take out a few minutes without work and you would be ready with a steaming hot cup of espresso.

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