DeLonghi America EDG657T Review – Really it’s All in One?

DeLonghi America EDG657T Review - Really it's All in One?

Coffee lovers unite! Professional grade, coffee-maker patron, DeLonghi, in association with Nescafe, has launched the EDG657T. The newest of its kind, the Delonghi America EDG657T comes laden with technological capabilities, powerful enough to accentuate your coffee experience like no other.

Its patented Dolche Gusto capsule extraction design helps the state-of-the-art coffee brewer to absorb maximum flavor and aroma from each extract, yielding a blissful experience each time. Coupled with the capacity to deliver up to 30 different combinations and flavors of the beverage, the EDG657T promises to satisfy the desires of everyone! Besides offering a splendid performance, the sleek design and streamlined user interface make the EDG657T a pleasure to use.


  • The EDG657T features customizability capability to provide a wide range of beverages in terms of strength. An extract of up to 12oz. can be made to vary the intensity.
  • This coffee machine offers up to 30 different styles of beverages; right from cold to hot and everything is between, all within as short as 30 seconds of duration.
  • A customer-centric user interface offers a streamlined control experience at the user’s end.
  • The EDG657T does not require pre-heating, making the coffee maker ready to brew within seconds of powering on.
  • The capsule extraction mechanism delivers optimum aroma and flavor along with the production of rich, creamy froth.


  • The DeLonghi EDG657T is powered by only Nescafe’s Dolche Gusto coffee capsules. This limits the coffee maker’s compatibility in terms of the coffee available for use.
  • The removable water tank is difficult to detach without the application of force. This makes it difficult to fill the water back in since the tank is supposed to be removed completely from the machine.
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Key Features of the Delonghi America EDG657T

User Opinion of the Delonghi America EDG675T Espresso Machine

Intensity of beverage

The DeLonghi America EDG657T is powered by a 15 bar pump to extract the best flavor and aroma from Dolche Gusto’s coffee capsules. The intuitive control panel features a unique wheel to adjust the size and strength of the beverage. The machine allows users to select the intensity of the espresso with variations up to 12oz. An adjustable drip tray at the base of the machine allows the option of preparing different sizes of brews according to personal preference.

Energy Consumption

The EDG657T’s 120-volt power system switches off automatically after approximately 5 minutes of inactivity. Particularly useful in offices that host irregular usage of the coffee machine throughout the day, this feature helps conserve electric power by buzzing off when not in use.

Water Tank

The EDG657T houses one of the most generous water capacities in the market, with a tank capable of holding up to 60 oz. of water. This 1.7 liter tank capacity allows users to brew a large number of coffee pods without having to rush back to the sink for a refill. This not only contributes towards reducing the user’s frustration, but also helps get maximum coffee out of a single fill.


The DeLonghi America EDG657T offers a variety of up to 30 different combinations of coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Users can extract anything from a latte machiato to a piping hot tea to a cold coffee, all within a duration of as short as 1 minute.

The adjustable sizing mechanism also offers the option of selecting a tall or short serving. Designed to use Dolche Gusto’s beverage capsules, selecting a desired taste from the numerous pods available just make the entire Esperta 2 experience all the more charming.

Quick Performance

The EDG657T is equipped with a 15 bar power system to extract the best out of each pod. This Delonghi espresso and coffee maker promises to deliver an extraction of optimum flavor and aroma with just the press of a button. The system does not demand preheating, which makes the machine ready to operate without any time lag between switching it ON and the eventual brew spurt.

Comparison between the Delonghi EDG657T and the Delonghi ECB220

Both the EDG657T and the ECB220B fall under DeLonghi’s range of 15 bar pump driven coffee makers. One astute difference between the two lies in the method of operation of either machine. While the EDG657T functions by the extraction of coffee from Dolche Gusto’s patented pods, the Delonghi EDG657T features a manual tamper.

Comparison between the Delonghi EDG657T and the Delonghi ECB220
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Although the pods offer a less messy and more convenient mode of feeding coffee into the machine, it lays a constraint on the extensibility of coffee that can be used with the machine. While the pods are available in a range of flavors and aromas, a user can never choose coffee beans from another brand.

On the other hand, the Delonghi ECB220B is compatible with coffee pucks from any brand in the market. A pre-ground coffee puck can be tampered effectively to generate the perfect ground quantity to be administered in the machine for optimum extraction. The chances of inconvenience coupled with the loss of a clean feed operation however, plague the ECB220B’s MO.

With respect to design however, the Delonghi EDG657T houses a water tank capable of holding up to 60 oz. as opposed to the ECB220B’s 35 oz. tank. This implies that the former can extract a higher quantity than the latter during the same amount of time. This helps users extract more coffee from the Delonghi EDG657T compared to its counterpart.

Another distinctive feature that separates the two machines, is the option to prepare a wide variety of drinks in the EDG657T compared to a paltry option to brew only a select few coffees in the ECB220B.

User Opinion of the Delonghi America EDG675T Espresso Machie

Users have been particularly impressed with the strong flavor that is offered to the beverage by the Delonghi EDG657T. The design is comprehensive which eliminates the hassle of incomplete cleaning. However, the availability of pods has been an issue for most customers. The shortage of stock has hit most users, which hold this one and only complaint.

Why I prefer the DeLonghi America EDG657T?

The EDG657T offers an extensive coffee experience with the right degree of automation as well as customization. This beast of a machine popped up on my preference list courtesy to its brilliant performance and ease of convenience in terms of extracting the perfect coffee. The inbuilt frother also provides rich, creamy milk to go with my beverages.

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Final Verdicts

All in all, the DeLonghi America EDG657T is the perfect coffee machine for someone who is not adept with the intricacies involved in preparing cafe-styled cappuccinos but prefer to have their morning cup of joe with a dash of amazing flavor and aroma. The sleek design also adds a touch of charm to your kitchen counter. A spectacular blend of performance and aesthetics yields this machine a top spot in the list of the best coffee makers available in the market.

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