Cuisinart SS-12 Review – What’s included in the new addition

Cuisinart SS-12 Review

The new addition of the dual-purpose SS series is Cuisinart SS-12. This Cuisinart coffee maker has several features like its Predecessors but comes at a very reasonable price. In this Cuisinart SS-12 review, we will know everything about it.

It brews with pre-ground coffee, makes up to 12 cups of coffee, and is also compatible with pods while being a single appliance.

The single-serve part can use any variety of pods with selectable cup sizes and instant heat up. On the other hand, the 12-cup carafe offers many premium features, including automatic on/off, adjustable strength brewing, and brew pause.

There is more than meets the eye to it. So, let’s get down to an in-depth breakdown of the Cuisinart SS-12 coffee center.

Noticeable Features Of Cuisinart SS-12 Coffee Center

2-in-1: The machine is a mixture of both traditional brewer and single-serve coffee maker.

Programmable: Program your brewer to brew up to 24 hours head-on.

Carafe: The carafe side can hold up to 12 cups of coffee and is also sturdy.

Separate Water Reservoirs: Has individual water tanks for carafe side and single-serve side.

Reservoir Capacity: Among two tanks, one is 64 oz, and the other is 40 oz.

Customizable: You can customize brewing temperature, coffee strength, cup size, and brewing amount.

Keep-Warmer; The machine keeps coffee warm for 0-4 hours, depending on your settings.

Pod Compatibility: Brew with any brand’s pod, including Keurig’s K-cup and Cuisinart’s HomeBarista.

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Comparison Between Cuisinart SS-12 And Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

Cuisinart SS-12 Coffee CenterHamilton Beach  49350 Coffee Maker
 Cuisinart SS-12 coffee maker Hamilton Beach  49350 Coffee Maker
Cuisinart SS-12 comes in a pretty compact design but is larger compared to regular coffee makers. It measures 10.3 inches in width, 9.75 inches in depth, and 14.5 inches in height.Hamilton Beach 49350 Coffee Maker has a small base, measuring 13.9 inches in height, 7.95 inches in width, and 12.91 inches in depth.
As a dual-purpose machine, you can experience both single-serve conveniences and traditional features.This machine isn’t a dual-purpose machine as it only brews with pre-ground coffee.
Two separate water reservoirs for two parts of the machine; one can hold 64oz, while the other can hold 40 oz.A removable water tank comes with this brewer, holding up to 12 cups of or 64 oz water.
You can program your machine to brew coffee up to a 24-hour before; thus, enjoy a cup first thing in the morning without waiting.You can also program this machine up to 24-hour though the smart app comes with it or just by commanding Alexa.
The machine provides much control to you over coffee. You can adjust the temperature, brew strength, brew size, and much more.It offers much more control over your coffee than regular machines, thanks to its mobile app.
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Key Features Of Cuisinart SS-12 Coffee Center Brew

Key Features Of Cuisinart SS-12 Coffee Center Brew


The materials used in a machine have a significant effect on a brewer’s durability and thermal rotation. Cuisinart coffee center coffee maker, even though, doesn’t come with the best build out there, compared to its price, its construction is pretty bold.

On the front exterior, there is a tiny non-lid display with a knob and a few buttons. Unlike the previous brewers, Cuisinart SS-12 has all its buttons on the carafe side. And, it offers quite a little control over your coffee, so you are allowed to customize your coffee in your way. A 60 oz water reservoir is placed on the side of the carafe.

On the right side, SS-12 has a separate water reservoir on the back. By pressing the tiny hilt on the top lid of the single-serve parts, it opens up for K-cups.

Out of the box, the device seems like different machines are attached. And it will take a relatively larger space than most ordinary brewers. And measures 10.3 inches in width, 9.75 inches in depth, and 14.5 inches in height.


As you already know, the Cuisinart SS-12 is both a carafe coffee maker and a single-serve machine at the same time. So, obviously, it has more functions than any ordinary machine.

You can choose different cup sizes for single-serve, including 8 oz, 10 oz, and 12 oz. On the other hand, you can enjoy premium features, like brew strength adjustment, brew-pause for a quick cup, and auto-turn on/off features.

With 24-hour programmability, it allows you to brew coffee automatically at a designated time. The auto-off timer lets you set the timer for 0-4 hours. And, the machine can be pre-programmed to brew 4-12 cups at a time.

Ease Of Cleaning

Cleaning is essential for a coffee maker because your brewer’s performance heavily depends on it. If you don’t clean a machine for a long time, residual build-up and hinder the maker’s performance. But, thankfully, cleaning this machine is extremely easy.

Most of the removable parts are plastic-made, so you can toss them into the water without caring. Also, the auto-cleaning function helps you a lot while cleaning the machine. Descaling the device doesn’t require too frequently either. But, you need to spend much time cleaning, as it requires dual parts to clean.

What Users Are Saying About Cuisinart Coffee Center SS-12

Cuisinart Coffee Center SS-12 is a new addition to the Cuisinart SS series, which has some famous dual-purpose machines. But, this maker is exceptionally at a budget price. As a new product, there are many reviews about the device. Although many people loved this, there are still several critical reviews.

With an eye-catching design, the Cuisinart coffee maker provides pretty excellent features to its users. The heavy plastic-made body feels pretty durable compared to other low-end coffee makers.

For better performance, the dual brewing system has separate brewing units and reservoirs. So, it won’t disappoint you at any cost. Several internal parts are removable; a thorough cleaning will be effortless. But, it won’t require a lot of cleaning.

The traditional brewing side has a 12-cup glass carafe with a warming plate beneath it to keep coffee warm for up to 4 hours. It uses charcoal water filters for both sides to clean water.

You can use pods from any manufacturer in the single-serve part. Or, buy the Cuisinart grind and brew plus Home Barista for permanent use with ground coffee. You have to buy it separately; it won’t come with the machine.

For the critical side, according to some users, the single-serve side either stopped working after some time or didn’t work at all. Although, it didn’t happen to me and, still using it. Also, the machine has its limitation as a low-budget machine. For your convenience, you may also review Cuisinart SS-20.

FAQs About Cuisinart SS-12 coffee maker

Is there any other color available for the machine?

No, it only comes in a single black color.

My single-serve side is leaking water; what should I do?

There could be several reasons for that. First, make sure you are not using the wrong cup size. Second, your machine has some technical flaws.

How long does the warm plate stay on?

It stays on for up to 4 hours, but you can completely turn it off or adjust it to your will.
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Final Verdict

The machines of the Cuisinart SS series are unique. They are both single-serve and traditional coffee makers in a single appliance. Also, offer plenty of customization options for you to make your favorite cup of coffee.

Likewise, this Cuisinart SS-12 is like its predecessors. But, this machine is more on the budget-friendly side as it comes under ninety dollars. At the same time, it lacks some features of other SS series brewers.

Overall, this machine provides excellent value for the money you are spending. I highly recommend it to anyone, who would like to have both single-serve and carafe coffee makers, but don’t want to waste a large amount of money. So, that’s all for this Cuisinart SS-12 Review.

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