Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus Review – What users saying about it

Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus Review

How does it feel to wake up with the coffee aroma? Sniff! don’t know about you, but it brings a peaceful smile to my lips. The function of coffee makers like Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus made that possible. So, today we are going to review this wonderful coffee maker. It has numerous features and functionalities with an excellent grinder on top.

But, it is still heavily criticized by users. So, let’s find out what’s holding it back, and should you buy it despite all those criticisms?

Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus Noticeable Features At A glance

  • Conical Burr Grinder: Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus is integrated with a removable conical burr grinder.
  • Programmability: You can schedule the coffee maker to brew coffee up to 24 hours ahead. 
  • Bean Container: It has a 7-ounce container and it’s removable.
  • Carafe Option: You have an option to choose between 10 cups thermal or 12 cups glass carafe.
  • GoldTone Filter: A permanent gold-tone filter eliminates the use of paper filters.
  • Easy Grinding: Grind coffee beans in just two steps.
  • Auto-cleaning Grinder: After grinding, the grinder automatically cleans itself so that no coffee is left behind.
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Comparison Between Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus And Cuisinart DCC-2750

Unlike Team Pro Plus, Cuisinart DCC-2750 is popular and highly regarded among users. It also has a high rating on Amazon. If you are interested in it, please go and check out our detailed review on Cuisinart DCC-2750.

Anyway, let’s proceed with our comparison.

Capresso Coffee Team Pro PlusCuisinart DCC-2750 Coffee Maker
 Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus Review Cuisinart DCC-2750 Coffee Maker
Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus offers 24-hour programmability. That means you can set a time for the machine to brew and it will automatically do that.Cuisinart DCC-2750 also has full automatic 24-hour programmability to brew when you wake up or come home.
It comes with a conical burr grinder. The upper burr of the grinder is removable, so you can fill fresh coffee without much trouble.This Cuisinart coffee machine doesn’t have a built-in grinder like Capresso Team Pro Plus.
The thermal carafe comes with 10 cups capacity. But you can also choose a glass carafe with 12 cups capacity.Same as the Pro Plus, the thermal carafe of this model has 10 cup capacity, and the glass carafe has 12 cups.
The Team Pro Plus automatically grinds beans and has the option to choose from 2-10 cups.The Cuisinart offers cup sizes adjustment for 10/12-cup carafe and 1-4 cup settings.
The drip stop feature of this coffee machine allows you to pour coffee while brewing.You can enjoy a cup of coffee even before the brew cycle ends thanks to the brew-pause function.
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What is the Key Features Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus Coffee Maker

Key Features Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus Coffee Maker

Built-in Grinder

Having a built-in grinder with your coffee or espresso machine is always convenient. This not only saves money but also makes the process easy. Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus has an excellent built-in conical burr grinder.

On the top of the machine is a removable hopper. By removing it, you can access the grinder control. The grinder itself is amazing. It uses quality steel burr to grind coffee beans simultaneously. And, has an automatic cleaning function to remove the leftover grounds from the grinder. Thus, ensure the rich experience of grinding.

Depending on your coffee bean types, you can adjust the grinding size of your grounds. In simple words, choose a finer option for light roasts and go coarser for darker or oily roasts. Oily roasts setting ensure you get the proper dose by increasing grinding time.


With the excellent grinder, Team Pro Plus delivers high-quality coffee. The shots are also hot. The glass carafe has a heating plate on the bottom to keep coffee warm for 2 hours. Later, it shuts off by itself.  On other hand, the thermal carafe version holds temperature way longer, losing only 3 degrees per hour. Both versions have a seal to prevent evaporation and flavor loss.

You can pre-program the machine to brew coffee at a designated time automatically. Although there is no strength adjustment setting, you can adjust it by some trick.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning a coffee machine is one of the most important things, which most users ignore. Even sometimes time manufacturers too by hardening the cleaning process. Thankfully, Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus is not one of those.

Removable parts of this model simplify the cleaning. Over that, the self-cleaning function reduces the time needed to clean this machine.

What Users Are Saying About Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus

Despite having so many convenient features, Team Pro Plus didn’t get that good response from users. One biggest reason may be the customer service; still, there are other factors.

Regardless, the grinder has got a lot of praise from the majority of users. Firstly, the bean canister is removable. This is nothing to be impressed by. But, this design allowed one crucial change in Pro Plus – the ability to clean the grinder.

The upper lid of the grinder is removable. This with the self-cleaning function of the machine will eliminate the weakening grinding experience with time.

Moreover, depending on the coffee type, grind size is variable in three steps. Like, the finer setting for lighter roasts and coarser for darker or oily roasts. And, it also has a dedicated oily bean mode to maximize the potential of dark oily beans.

Without the impressiveness of the grinder, it is 24-hour programmable. The coffee is hot and the thermal carafe is also quite good at holding the temperature. There are several other useful features too.

But, what went wrong to have such a low rating on Amazon? The reason is – its ineffectiveness to work properly. Although they work well after taking out the box, they gradually start showing problems within a year.

On the other hand, even though users have complained about faulty parts many times, the manufacturer didn’t take a single measure. For your convivence, you may also consider some of other top rated coffee maker by users like Cuisinart dcc-3200p1 , Cuisinart dcc 1200 and Cuisinart ss-15p1

FAQs About the Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus Coffee Maker

Where is the machine made of? What parts are plastic?

The manufacturers are from China. The coffee pot handles and its lid, bean hopper lid, water container, and basket are made of plastic.

How often should I clean the grounds between the grinder and the filter?

After every use, run the cleaning cycle. That is easy. Clean the little chute and brush it twice a week. Once a week, remove the bean holder and clean its mechanisms.

Does the Capresso have a stainless steel plumb inside?

No, I don’t think it comes with any stainless steel plumb like the old model of Capresso.
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Final Verdict

In the end, I can say this – Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus is not great but still a good coffee machine. The special features of the grinder make it different from other coffee machines. Moreover, its programmability and self-cleaning functions of it are also recent to the industry.  The price of this machine is a bargain for many people. Although it has a couple of issues, if you can manage them this may become your ‘best coffee machine ever.

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