5 Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker Troubleshooting Guidance

Bunn commercial coffee maker troubleshooting guidance: Are you facing some problems with your Bunn commercial coffee maker after some days? Don’t stress; it’s a common thing with coffee makers.

Bunn commercial coffee makers are pretty reliable and convenient coffee machines. And, they come with many useful features too. With good care, those machines should last for years (my last one lasted six years).

But, minor issues tend to occur. And, you can solve them with a little effort. Today, we will see some common Bunn Commercial coffee maker troubleshooting.

5 Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker

1. Bunn Commercial coffee maker is leaking

A leak occurs for specific reasons; it can be the machine is faulty or has a broken accessory. So, it is essential to find out where the leak is and what is leaking.


  • If coffee is overflowing, it could be because the brew basket isn’t tightly shut. Because of it, coffee or water overflows when you start your maker.
  • Putting too much coffee ground can also be the reason for overflowing. According to the manufacturer, you shouldn’t put more than 14 scoops on the ground.
  • Check if the water reservoir is installed correctly. If it doesn’t connect with the base valve properly, the machine will leak water.
  • Sometimes coffee leaks because of the loose or damaged water horse on the bottom. Usually, after a long time of use, bottom water horse damages because of continuous passing of hot water. In this case, technical help is necessary.
  • A broken or clogged pump valve obstructs the path of water and causes the water level to rise. Thus, the machine leaks water on your countertop. Before cleaning the pump valve, remember to unplug the device.
  • If your machine is too old, it starts leaking water, which is too troublesome to fix. In such a case, I recommend buying a new one.

2. The Water Tank Is Taking A Long Time To Refill

Clogged water supply lines are the primary reason for this issue. Water will have a hard time passing through those lines or will be stuck there. So, clean the supply line or replace it if the line is worn out.

If the supply line is not clogged, chances are, the solenoid valve or control board is damaged. But, for that, you need the help of a technician to replace these two parts.

3. Coffee Temperature Is Low

Sometimes we intentionally keep the temperature of our coffee low. But, if the machine is brewing every coffee warm luke, then it’s a severe problem. Because this affects the coffee flavor.

The issue may be because of incorrect use or damaged electrical wires. Or, maybe you’re rushing, so water doesn’t have enough time to heat. Here’s the Bunn Commercial coffee maker troubleshooting,


  • First, let the machine take some time to heat up properly. Usually, Bunn Commercial coffee makers take 5-10 minutes to heat up properly. Waiting an additional five minutes will ensure everything is fine.
  • Turn off the Brew-lock function of your machine. You can take the help of the user manual in this case. As different coffee makers have other procedures, I won’t provide an exact solution.
  • If your machine has a digital display, check if it shows any error message. Otherwise, contacting Bunn Commercial customer care is the only way.

For your convenience, you may consider some similar but popular coffee machines model like Keurig k155, Ninja coffee bar cf091, Cuisinart ss-15p1, also you can consider reviewing the best Nespresso machine for latte.

4. Bunn coffee maker is not starting

If your coffee machine isn’t turning on, immediately turn it off for safety. Then, carefully check if the device is appropriately plugged into the outlet. Sometimes, people forget to turn on the power button but wonder why their machine is not operating. Check if the same case is with you.

If your machine is plugged into the outlet properly and powered on but still not starting, follow the following steps.

  • What if the problem is not in the machine but the outlet. Plug your coffee maker into another outlet, or check other appliances into the outlet.
  • The issue can be on the cord. Search for damaged or burnt spots on the power cord. If you don’t find any, try using the cord for other appliances with a similar cable type.
  • If your cord is also OK, the only possibility left is – your machine has some internal problem. To resolve this, seeking expert help is better.

5. Coffee Suddenly Tastes Awful

This became a common problem with coffee machines. The users of Bunn Commercial coffee makers also face this problem. Although the machine continually brews high-quality coffee, it suddenly starts extracting lousy coffee.

There are quite a few reasons for the problem to occur. It can be because of coffee beans to internal failure.


  • First, the main reason for a bad cup of coffee is the low quality of coffee beans. With fresh and high-quality coffee beans, your coffee automatically starts tasting better. If you roast your beans, consider finding a new recipe or good equipment substitute.
  • Grinding is also equally important to make a perfect cup of coffee. Ensure that you are grinding not too big or too small grounds.
  • Dirty Water can be the culprit of your problem. Try filtered water or boiled water to resolve this.
  • Too high or too low a temperature can impact your coffee taste. I recommend keeping the temperature of coffee around 205°F (96°C).
  • If you don’t clean your machine for a long time, it will start brewing bad coffee. It is recommended to descale coffee machines every two to three months.

Final Verdict

Every device needs maintenance at some point. This is the same with Bunn Commercial coffee maker. But, as a premium device, you will face less problems with the machine than traditional coffee makers.

By keeping it clean and descaling at least once every two months, this coffee machine can be sure to last a long time. That’s all for today’s Bunn Commercial coffee maker troubleshooting. 

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