Brim 19 Bar Espresso Machine Review – Why it’s worthy enough

Brim 19 Bar Espresso Machine Review

Many of the coffee and espresso lovers like you, considering having the Brim 19 bar espresso machine instead of a popular espresso brand or model. Why? Not just because of the affordable price tag, the main reason is they are getting far better performance and durability compared to their budget just under $500.

The Brim 19 bar controlled pressure, business type steam wand, water dispenser, the thermal coil system to keep your every sip hot fired including a warm plate that ensures to keep your coffee temperature.

After the overall view of Brim 19 Bar Espresso Machine review not only me, you will also agree with that the Brim 19 would be the worthy enough for your money. 

Brim 19 Bar Espresso Machine Noticeable Features At A Glance

  • Controlled Pressure: It comes with a high-pressure Italian pump with gauge indicator and low-pressure pre-infusion for a balanced brew. 
  • Steam Wand: Brim 19 Bar is equipped with a commercial-style steam wand which is 360-degree swivel. 
  • Hot Water Dispenser: has an instant hot water dispenser wand with precision aiming for drinks like americanos.. 
  • Removable water tank: The 71 Oz large water reservoir is removable. 
  • Thermal Coil: Thermal Coil system ensures consistent hot espresso shot after shot. 
  • Warm Palate: Its heated diecast top plate keeps your coffee hot.
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Comparison Between Brim 19 Bar Espresso Machine And Calphalon BVCLECMP1

Brim 19 Bar Espresso MachineCalphalon BVCLECMP1 Espresso Machine
 Brim 19 Bar Espresso Machine Review Calphalon BVCLEMP1 Review
Brim 19 Bar is a 19 bar high-pressure Italian pump that provides a balanced extraction and delicious espresso.Calphalon BVCLECMP1 15 bar Italian pump provides perfect pressure for maximum flavor extraction and makes a beautiful layer of crema.
This espresso machine is integrated with Thermo coil technology to deliver consistent hot espressos.This Calphalon comes with an advanced heating system to heat water quickly and makes brewing time shorter.
The Brim doesn’t have PID temperature control. However, it still provides perfectly balanced espresso.With PID temperature control, this machine can deliver the exact temperature needed for a high-quality espresso.
It has a low-pressure pre-infusion technology with a gauge indicator to enrich the flavor of every cup.To provide a richer flavor, the comes with a bigger portafilter with a combination of pre-infusion technology.
It has a large removable water tank which is 71 oz.The 68 oz large water reservoir doesn’t need a frequent refill and it is removable.
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What is the Key Features Of Brim 19 Bar Espresso Machine

What is the Key Features Of Brim 19 Bar Espresso Machine


The Brim 19 Bar is a simple-looking modern coffee machine. The design is not unique and special but attractive. The outer housing is made of streamlined stainless steel and only available in one color. 

The coffee machine is average-sized, measuring 10.74 x 11.22 x 13.14 inches. It is not light either, weighing 17 pounds. So, you will have to rearrange quite a bit of the surface of your countertop. But, this hefty weight ensures the machine is sturdy, not some low-quality materials. 

Anyone would like the simplicity of the buttons of this coffee machine. Firstly, there are just a handful of buttons. Secondly, they are large and clearly labeled. Beginners won’t have any problem with it. 

Setting Up

Many users are whining about how time-consuming the setting up of Brim 19 Bar is. And, it is. It takes 30 minutes for a professional to set up the machine. So, It will be way longer for normal and beginner folks. 

Before setting up make sure to thoroughly clean the machine. One thing to take into consideration is, the removable materials of Brim 19 Bar are not dishwasher safe. So, remember it while cleaning later. But after setting up, you won’t have any problem using it.  


The Brim 19 Bar is quite famous for its high-quality espresso. It has a design in a way to extract better espresso drinks. Take the tamper for example. It is significantly heavy and the majority weight on the head. Thus it has a high impact on excellent espresso shots. 

Although this machine doesn’t have any strength adjustment option, the espresso shots are not too watery nor too strong. They provide a barista-like feeling. 

Moreover, it provides quite a hot coffee. The heated diecast top plate keeps your cups warm. However, one thing I dislike about the machine is its loud sound. Probably the loudest coffee machine I ever used. 

Cleaning And Maintenance 

Every Espresso machine needs maintenance to keep running properly. Descaling the machine is the same as usual, you don’t need additional steps to follow. But, it doesn’t have any self-cleaning features. 

According to the manufacturer, they recommend cleaning after every 60 uses. If not, at least try as much as you can.

What Users Are Saying About Brim 19 Bar Espresso Machine

Brim 19 Bar is excellent on its own. However, it doesn’t have a high rating considering the quality coffee it offers. But, the experts praised the coffee machine for its competence. 

Experts and those who have little idea about coffee machines know that you won’t find this quality machine at this price point. This Brim handle slides into the receiver very smoothly. And, this beauty is appreciated by many users. 

The materials are all high quality and most of them are stainless steel. The coffee quality is excellent. For most users, this machine exceeded their expectations. Some people recommend using pressurized filter baskets for better shots. 

However, despite its high-quality materials, the majority of the critical reviews are about how fast the machine wears off. And, also about the poor customer service. 

Anyway, if you can maintain it regularly, and gain some knowledge on how to use it properly, it should last for years. Overall all quality and performance are top-notch at this price point. 

FAQs About the Brim 19 Bar Espresso Machine

What is the size of the portafilter in Brim 19?

The portafilter is 54mm in diameter. 

I heard Brim Customer service is awful. Is it really bad?

Without a doubt, this machine is excellent. But the customer service is slow and sometimes not avail. 

Our machine shakes and makes a loud noise after steaming the milk. Is there any problem?

No, it’s pumping the unused water to the drip tray.
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Final Verdict

To sum everything up, Brim 19 Bar is an outstanding coffee machine. This machine isn’t a complicated one. Don’t have too many functions. Easy to use and perfectly suitable for beginners.

With a handful of buttons, it brews high-quality espresso like other popular espresso machine model Breville bambino or bambino plus. The espresso shots are perfectly balanced and have a coffee shop taste. However, there are many lacking. And, it’s time-consuming to set up. 

The price of this coffee machine is a great bargain for anyone. Especially,  you won’t find this quality espresso at this price point. So, if you are a beginner espresso user or even if you are an expert user but quite busy, this espresso machine is a perfect selection for you. 

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