Breville Precision Brewer BDC455BSS Review

Breville Precision Brewer BDC455BSS Review

Do you have a serious concernment over an unsurpassable coffee maker? You will be jovial to hear that Breville’s recently launched model Breville Precision Brewer BDC455BSS consist of phenomenal consistency when it comes to rapidly brewing and authentic taste.  This coffee maker assumes you control water temperature. It is competent to prepare cold brew automatically without using special filters.

The market researchers to coffee addicts speak highly of Breville Precision Brewer coffee maker. For its top-of-line level of control from beginner to barista customers opt for it. But the consequence of melancholy is that a sprinkling of the customers is erudite about this coffee maker. For those who are not cognizant of Breville Precision Brewer BDC455BSS  coffee maker, this review is genuinely for them.

At a Glance Breville Precision Brewer BDC455BSS Coffee Maker

  • Breville Precision Brewer BDC455BSS comes with PID digital temperature control.
  • Its thermocoil heating system assists to heat rapidly.
  • It features six pre-programmed coffee settings.
  • It’s small cup detection and adjustable water temperature makes the coffee making operation easier.
  • But it has no water reservoir.
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Breville is one of the antique espresso machines which you can operate spontaneously. As it dominates the market of espresso and coffee makers so it would be a little more pricey than other so-called coffee makers. But after manufacturing DeLonghi espresso coffee makers, Breville and DeLonghi turned into perpetual competitors.

So, we have equipped a comparison between Breville Precision Brewer BDC455BSS and DeLonghi BCO430BM Combination Pump and Espresso Machine. To observe similarities and dissimilarities between Functionalities and performance repose your eyes beneath.

Compare Breville Precision Brewer BDC455BSS and DeLonghi BCO430BM Espresso Machine​

DeLonghi BCO430BM Espresso MachineBreville Precision Brewer BDC455BSS Coffee Maker
DeLonghi BCO430BM Espresso MachineBreville Precision Brewer BDC455BSS Review
DeLonghi BCO430BM is a 15-bar coffee machine that brews latte and cappuccino immensely. Its auto-shutoff features minimize your electricity bills.Breville Precision Brewer BDC455BSS Coffee Maker comes with 6 brewing modes for offering you all your desired coffee items.
This impressive machine’s patented brewing system extracts maximum flavor and aroma for experiencing the best-tasting coffee.
When you adjust flow rate, bloom time, and brewing temperature by using an adapter kit you can brew the coffee in a short period.
Its 24 digital timers deliver you eventual convenience. You can set a timer to have automatic coffee when you crave to taste the coffee you can get.This impressive coffee maker’s single-cup brewer delivers you several cups of coffee with only 20 oz of water.
This coffee machine’s advanced cappuccino system and its steam wand offer you a rich and foamy milk cream for enhancing the taste.It provides you with multiple baskets for a variety of brew sizes and metal filter baskets. You don’t need to purchase it.
This DeLonghi BCO430BM model features a warming plate that is constructed with stainless steel to hold the hotness of the coffee for a long period.Though it has no removable water reservoir but it’s small pitcher holds a great extent of water to the brewer.
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Key Features of Breville Precision Brewer BDC455BSS Coffee Maker

Brewing Capacity

Breville Precision Brewer BDC455BSS coffee maker has an incredible brewer that grinds only fresh beans. But it grinds and brews the coffee too gently. But it’s brewer is manufactured with stainless steel. When it brews it sounds too loud to stay at home. It makes mildest cold brew. So, Breville BDC455BSS machine brewing capacity is not enough top-notch.


Making coffee is not the last word. Rather a coffee maker needs to have multiple functionalities. Considering all these Breville coffee maker manufacturers made this machine with upgraded technology. Its 24 hours digital timer delivers you coffee drinks all day long. It provides your coffee according to your setting time. It’s automatic off features never enhance your electricity bills. 

Reliable Performance

Though this coffee maker is not high-end and according to the customers it is inconsistent with price and performance but it’s get-at-able in the market. It’s price is something excessive but it offers multiple convenient functionalities. It’s thermo-coil heating system keeps your coffee hot up to 3 to 4 hours. Last but not the least this machine is picked for home baristas.

What Are Users Saying About Breville Precision Brewer BDC455BSS Coffee Maker

From manufacturing day to till now Breville launched a bunch of coffee makers but occasionally they were capable of alluring the customers and sometimes frustrates them with shocking performance. Now let’s see how accomplished is Breville Precision Brewer BDC455BSS Coffee Maker to dominating the market. When we went to gather users’ feedback we fabricated compound reviews and users were fractionated into two portions.

A group of users conveys that this coffee maker offers extraordinary coffee and espresso compared to other Breville espresso machine models. When you are using it you will surely feel it offers the most wrinkles-free option. With just a few seconds you can have the best-tasting coffee.

The best part of this maker is its rapid brewing feature. On the other hand, a small number of customers complain that it doesn’t provide full carafe and is entirely inconsistent with a price. It makes poor quality coffee and sounds too loud. It’s program is excessively complicated. Most of the customers consider it as overpriced garbage. So, they recommend the beginners to save the money and not to purchase this machine.

FAQs of Breville Precision Brewer BDC455BSS Coffee Maker

Why doesn’t it have a removable water reservoir?

This Breville coffee maker doesn’t have a removable water reservoir. As it has a small pitcher to the brew for containing water so it doesn’t need a reservoir.

Does it allow ground coffee?

No. It never grounds the coffee. It only brewers the fresh coffee.
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Final Verdict

To impress the customers in a maiden sight Breville Precision Brewer BDC455BSS Coffee Maker is the last word. It’s aesthetic design and consummate size fits any corner of your kitchen. As it is stainless steel made so you never need to panic to clean it. If you consider it would be overpriced then opt for DeLonghi BCO430BM Combination Pump and Espresso Machine with beneficial functionalities and affordable price.

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