5 Breville Espresso Machine Troubleshooting Guide

According to the cognoscenti, a coffee machine is nothing less than your perpetual comrade. From the very former day of manufacturing the coffee machine to the immediate day, Breville is the name of fidelity. The best breville espresso machine is manufactured with all the automated technology that a neoteric espresso machine requires to have. Preparing coffee, espresso, cappuccino, lungo, americano, iced coffee, and tea is the principal operation. 

Breville coffee machine includes a variety of accessories like a water tank, drip tray, bean container, and milk frothing system. But like all the electrical devices this espresso machine has also a few flaws. The water tank leaked, the bean container lid breaks and coffee doesn’t heat rapidly. All these problems can be sorted out by troubleshooting guides. Today we will talk over troubleshooting issues as well as solutions. Beneath are the troubleshooting guides.

5 Breville Espresso Machine Troubleshooting

Breville Espresso Machine Troubleshooting Guide

1.Breville Water Reservoir Block Issue

The most stubborn problem of an espresso machine is it’s water reservoir block that means it doesn’t supply water via the espresso machine. This problem could happen when agitated air in the boiler lays down pressure on the pump and creates a lock. This is something sturdy for water to go through.


After using your best espresso machine you should let it cool and turn it off to provide rest for 15-20 minutes. The head screen should be clean enough. You need to ensure the hose has no residue or crimping. The water reservoir should be filled with fresh, filtered and clean water. In the brew head and steam wand a cup need to exist. The switch on the steam wand knob and put it for more than two minutes. Then switch on the brew button for back flushing when the steam wand is still remaining. While you turn on the machine after 2-4 minutes you will realize the water is running thoroughly via the water reservoir. 

2. Breville Machine Doesn’t Heat properly

For several reasons the espresso machine doesn’t heat up. To make sure your machine is okay from this type of issue you can check the thermostat, switch, thermal fuse and control board. You can troubleshoot this problem by following a few advice.


If you feel issues with heating up in that case you can replace the switch and unplug your machine. If your espresso machine is running but your coffee is unable to heat up then make sure the machine’s control board is responding when you turn on it. If the problem is not solving in this way you can replace the control board. Thermostats operate like a measuring tool that checks the machine’s flow of heat. 

Most of the time your espresso machine can take more than one minute to heat up where an espresso machine should heat up within 15-20 seconds. On the other hand if the thermostat makes your coffee overheat then it warns your machine to shut off. Thermostat can be a valid reason for not heating up. So, check it so that it can not be stuck off the position. If this solution doesn’t work well then replace the thermostat.

3. Burnt Taste Coffee of Breville

The principal reason for getting burnt coffee is to over extract the coffee beans. If the coffee beans grind slowly but water gets too hot in that time your coffee turns into burnt coffee. Another reason for burnt coffee is to use coffee beans from the bean container that has no lid then your coffee taste will be weak. Sometimes the coffee taste gets bitter. 


This problem can be troubleshooted by grinding your coffee beans slightly. You can grind the beans after heating the water. By using capsule replacement of coffee beans you can get fresh and finest quality coffee. Coffee beans container lid should be closed to keep the coffee fresh. If you want to avoid bitter taste you can use salt with your coffee. 

4. Breville No Milk Frother Issue

Milk foam enhances the taste of your espresso or cappuccino. But if your machine’s steam wand is unable to provide rich milk frother, then it loses the taste of coffee. This problem happens when your espresso machine goes wrong. But this problem will not be long lasting if you troubleshoot it.


You won’t get any rich milk crema when you are using burnt coffee beans or the beans roughly grounded. How will be your espresso shots that mostly rely on grind. If the coffee beans grind delicately then you can find the highest quality of espresso with velvety and pulpy milk crema. So, when you go to make your coffee beverages ensure the coffee beans are tip-top and grind them slightly. The other reason is if the water is too hot or cold in that case it will never produce any crema. 

You can set the temperature of the machine in 195 degree Fahrenheit. The last and foremost reason is if your machine is unable to pressure the milk for making milk crema. You can check it by brewing a single shot and set the time in it. Normally to brew a single shot a picked espresso machine takes 20-30 seconds. When you realize it takes only 10 seconds or more than 30 seconds then it should be repaired.

5. Breville Filter Basket Issue

If the filter baskets of your machine are too old and damaged as well as unable to hit off a hard surface. You can troubleshoot it by following the below mentioned way.


The filter basket needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. So, when you go to clean it,  you must use hot water. The common and effective solution is to rinse the basket in hot water and detergent. But never use chemicals like chlorine to clean it. Chemicals minimize the taste of the coffee.

Final Verdict

Not merely Breville but also more or less all the espresso or coffee makers have interior or exterior issues. The Breville espresso machine is manufactured with flourished technology. When you hypnotize it doesn’t provide heat, filter basket problem, milk frothing issue and water reservoir block you can solve all these problems by following troubleshoot guide. So, don’t undergo shitty problems rather solve them. Hopefully, this article will help you in every sphere of your life in terms of using coffee makers. 

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