Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine Review

Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine Review

The Breville BES980XL Oracle espresso machine is the bridge between automatic and manual espresso machines. Breville is a dual boiler espresso machine that comes with a tamping system and an inbuilt grinder, automatic rinsing and descaling options, programmable shot volumes, PID control temperature control, milk frothing controls, adjustable grind settings and so much more.

With this Breville espresso machine, you get more than what you deserve, a solution that combines modern technology and innovative features.

Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine Main Features

The following features are what make the Breville BES980XL oracle espresso machine tick:

Removable bean hopper ad inbuilt grinder

One of the most vital features of the Breville BES980XL is its inbuilt grinder. You can easily adjust the grinder in more than forty kinds of fineness settings. It also features a locking mechanism that lets you grind into your portafilter. It all depends on your preference, you can customize the shots to total dosage. In addition, the grinder also comes with an adjustable automatic tamping system that will not only level off your coffee but will also tamp it for you to retain the extraction.  On the other hand, the bean hopper can hold up to 8oz of coffee beans. Also, you can remove the hopper and use the bean stopper instead, letting you take it off.

Shot clock and PID

Found on the front of the espresso machine, the LCD shows the temperature of the boiler which is monitored by the PID controller. The controller falls within 2 degrees. When using the PID, you can program the temperature between 190 and 205 Fahrenheit. When you start to brew, the PID changes into a shot timer, and it immediately starts to count from when the brewing starts.

Adjustable automatic frothing

The steam wand is incredible. It features a powerful 4-hole tip as well as a temperature probe. It is easy to program the machine to texture milk on a gradient between a cappuccino and a latte. This lets you make the drink you want with a single switch. Also, the Breville BES980XL espresso machine lets you do manual frothing to make it easy for you to improve your barista skills while in the kitchen.

Easy access water reservoir

There are two ways you can refill the water reservoir. You can choose to remove the reservoir completely from the back of the unit or open the access panel that is found on top and refill from the front. Below the group head, the front panel contains a sight glass letting you keep an eye on the water level.

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Heated cup warmer

To enhance the stability of the temperature during the brewing process, the cup warmer is made with a heating component.

Cord storage

The cord storage is located below the drip tray. You can lower the feature to lift the espresso machine off the counter for easy rotation and sliding. Depending on how you have set up the machine, you can store the excess cord behind the machine to keep the counter free of clutter.

Accessories Included

The Breville BES980XL espresso machine features come with Mini Knock Box -58mm Stainless Steel Portafilter -10oz Stainless Steel Double Walled Travel Mug (lid included) -16oz Stainless Steel Frothing Pitcher -Replacement Steam Tip and Gasket -Cleaning Kit -Water Hardness Test Strip -Water Filter Holder and Water Filters.

Dual boilers

The steams and the brews use two separate boilers to make sure the temperature is stable as well as the pressure. This basically means you will be able to steam and brew simultaneously.

Programmable shot volume and volumetric dosing

The Breville Oracle BES980XL espresso unit is an automatic, and for that reason it comes with dedicated buttons for one and two shots and also hot water and Americanos. You can program the buttons for the three drinks to dispense drinks at the volume you want to make custom drinks.

Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine Review

Advantages of Breville BES980XL Espresso machine

  • What you will love about this espresso machine is the fact that it automatically purges the steam wand once you use it. This is one of the crucial features of this machine, and that is a perfect to deal to making top notch latte.
  • Another advantage of Breville BES980XL espresso machine is that it comes with automated features. It has features that are not found in semi-automatic and normal machines.
  • The espresso machine has dual boilers. This boiler let you froth your milk and brew your espresso faster and efficiently, hence you save a lot of time.
  • The espresso machine has a sleek design and perfect coloring. This makes it possible to fi the décor of any kind of kitchen.
  • Breville Oracle BES980XL espresso machine is also one of the lightest coffee maker and milk frothing machine. It is portable and you can carry it to any place. In addition, it does not take much space.

Disadvantages of Breville BES980XL Espresso machine

  • One of the weakness of this Breville BES980XL espresso machine is the fact that it will not be able to change the exact number ground espresso that is dispensed.
  • Secondly, the Breville Oracle espresso machine doesn’t come at a cheap cost, it is a bit pricier compared to other brands on the market.
  • It consumes a lot of electricity
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How does the Breville Oracle Espresso Machine compare?

How does the Breville Oracle Espresso Machine compare

Breville oracle espresso machine is one of the few espresso units that come with amazing automated features. These features cannot be found in other types of coffee maker machines such as semi-automatic and normal machines. However, it may take some time to dispense the perfect shot.

Tips and tricks on how to use the machine Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine

It is not easy to froth milk in this espresso machine because the temperature can easily shoot up in a matter of seconds. Therefore, make sure, you first of all wipe and clean the wand after using the machine. This is because hot milk tends to stock to the wands.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine

Can you use the filter in case you choose to use the bottled water?

Yes you can, but as long as you ca set it back to manual and adhere to the instructions

Can one use the ground coffee beans or the espresso beans?

The machine features its own ground coffee compartment. However, you can only make a single coffee at a time. In addition, it is not advisable to put the ground coffee into the bean container. Things may turnout worse if you choose to do that.

Can one grind the coffee beans a few hours prior to brewing them?

The Breville BES980XL machine grinds the coffee beans automatically when you start then brewing process. However, the two process are simultaneous and can’t be done separately. However, if you still choose to go with that option, then use a different device to grind the coffee. Once you are done with grinding, place the fine coffee in the coffee maker.

Does the machine make the normal coffee?

This will depend on the type of coffee that you wish to repair. There are different types of beans on the market and you can use the one that will quench your taste. In addition, you’re the one to choose the amount of coffee you want to prepare and the amount of water you need in the cup. Therefore, it is up to you to make what you want and choose the ingredients you want to include into the coffee.

Can Breville Oracle machine prepare mochas?

Well, this question normally confuses many customers, and getting a good machine to make mochas is not easy. However, this machine will save you all the trouble as it can easily make mochas without any issues.
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Final verdict

The Breville Oracle Espresso Machine is a must-have gadget in your kitchen. It comes with amazing features that are not in other machines. It is faster, efficient, and gives you high-quality drinks. It is worth every dime.

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